Venice The Floating City Questions & Answers

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Venice The Floating City Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Charming – Very pleasant/ attractive
  • Islands – a piece of land surrounded by water
  • Popularly – commonly
  • Platforms – raised level surfaces on which people or things can stand
  • Comprises – consists of, is made up of
  • Canals – man-made waterways built for the movement of water vehicles
  • Marshes – low lying land full of water
  • Escaped – having got free
  • Swampy – low-lying land where water collects.
  • Stakes – strong wooden posts with a point at one end, driven into the ground to support something
  • Underwater – situated beneath the surface of the water
  • Piles – heaps or loads
  • Rot – decay
  • Lavishly – richly
  • Rarely – not often
  • Watercraft – a boat or other vessel that travels on water
  • Arteries – (here) important routes in a system of roads, rivers or railway lines
  • Steer – guide or control the movement of a vehicle or vessel

Question 1: Why is Venice known as the ‘Floating City’?

Answer: Venice is popularly known as the ‘Floating City’ because it is made up of 118 small islands connected by numerous canals and bridges. 

Question 2: What is the best way to get around Venice?

Answer: The best way to get around Venice is by foot or water-transport. 

Question 3: Why did the Venetians decide to build permanent houses?

Answer: The Venetians decided to build permanent houses because there were so many people living in the marshes. 

Question 4: How many people can a gondola carry at a time?

Answer: A gondola can carry six people at a time.

Venice The Floating City Questions & Answers

Question 5: What are the other means of water transport in Venice besides the gondola?

Answer: Water taxis and vaporettos are the other means of water transport in Venice besides the gondola.

Question 6: Describe the gondola.

Answer: A gondola is a flat-bottomed, wooden boat that curves upwards at both ends.

Question 7: How is a gondola steered?

Answer: A person stands at one end of the boat and uses a long pole to move and steer it.

Question 8: Choose the correct option:

(a) Venice is located in………….

i. Spain
ii. Italy
iii. France

(b) Buildings in Venice stand on piles of………….

i. iron bars
ii. stones
iii. wood

(c) The gondola is a famous……………

i. watercraft
ii. roadcraft
iii. aircraft

(d) A long time ago Venice was attacked by the………….

i. Romans
ii. Aliens
iii. Americans

(e) The…………… the largest canal in Venice.

i. Suez canal
ii. Grand canal
iii. Big canal

So, these were Venice The Floating City Questions & Answers.

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