Vikram And Betaal Questions & Answers

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Vikram And Betaal Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Eerie – strange and frightening
  • Coincidentally – at the same time
  • Exasperation – a feeling of intense irritation
  • Fatal – causing death
  • Ghoul – an evil spirit or phantom especially one who robs graves and feeds on dead bodies
  • Futile – incapable of producing results
  • Rakshasa – demon
  • Haughtily – arrogantly
  • Undaunted – not discouraged by danger
  • Whoosh – a sudden movement accompanied by a rushing sound
  • Wringing her hands – twisting one’s hands as a gesture of great distress

Question 1: Why did princess Chandralekha refuse to marry any Prince?

Answer: Princess Chandralekha refused to marry any Prince because she didn’t feel any of them were worthy of her and she would only marry the man who had to be powerful and could protect his wife.

Question 2: What special qualities did Virendra, Udayveer and Dhanajaya possess?

Answer: Virendra, Udayveer and Dhanajaya all possessed special qualities. Virendra was very wise. He could read the past, know the present and look into the future. Udayveer was intelligent. He had built the magic chariot that would run on water, air and land. Dhanajaya was brave, kind and owned a magic sword. He was such a great swordsman that he missed nothing and his enemies feared for their lives when they saw him.

Question 3: How did the three princes find out what happened to Princess Chandralekha?

Answer: The three princes were able to find out what happened to princess Chandralekha. Virendra pulled out a manuscript and did some quick calculations. He found out that a rakshasa enamoured by the princess’s beauty had carried her away to a palace in the Airavatee Hills. He provided the route to the palace and the map of the palace. They went right away in Udayveer’s chariot. The chariot grew wing and rose in the air. In a few minutes, the chariot landed softly in the Rakshasa’s palace garden. Virendra pulled out his manuscript and found that the princess was crying bitterly in her chamber.

Question 4: Why did the three princes fight among themselves over Chandralekha’s hand?

Answer: The three princes fought among themselves over Chandralekha’s hand because each prince was thinking that he himself was the most suitable husband for the princess.

Question 5: Who according to Vikramaditya was the most suitable for Chandralekha and why?

Answer: Vikramaditya thought that Dhananjaya was the most suitable for Chandralekha because he killed the rakshasa and truly protected her like a husband.

So, these were Vikram And Betaal Questions & Answers.

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