Learning To Cook Questions & Answers

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Learning To Cook Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mansion – An impressive house
  • Rescued – Saved from danger
  • Watching for – Waiting for someone patiently
  • Scouring – Searching thoroughly
  • Pail – Bucket
  • Manfully – Brave and determined
  • Obliged – Make someone do something as a part of their duty / perform a service or favour for
  • Put on guard – To look after someone
  • Troopers – Private soldier in a cavalry or state police officer
  • Task – A piece of work to be done
  • Jolly – Happy and cheerful
  • Amused – Cause to laugh
  • Galloping – Riding on a horse
  • Ill – Not good in health
  • Betrayed – Being disloyal
  • Platter – A large flat serving dish
  • Shrieking – Make a loud piercing cry
  • Thoroughly – Completely with regard to every detail

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Jacob Armitage addressed Edward as Mr Edward because Edward__________

i. was his master’s son
ii. would be pleased by it
iii. was older than him
iv. was the eldest brother

(b) Jacob had come back as quickly as he could because__________

i. he had to cook lunch
ii. the children were waiting for him
iii. he was worried that the troopers might see the children
iv. he was worried about the children’s behaviour

(c) When Jacob said, “Let us come in directly,” he meant__________

i. they had to go inside at once
ii. they were direct and straight
iii. he wanted to see if they could go in
iv. they had to go inside

(d) The riding of the soldiers past the cottage was dangerous because they__________

i. burnt every house they came across
ii. could find the children and kill them
iii. would eat all their food
iv. would frighten the children

(e) Jacob got the children to remove their upper dress before getting into bed because__________

i. they had to wear the same clothes the next day
ii. they were stiff dresses and not comfortable to sleep in
iii. the soldiers would not believe they were his grandchildren if they saw the rich dresses
iv. they would get it dirty and crushed

(f) Jacob did not want the troopers to look at the children, so he told them that the children were__________

i. all in bed, suffering from smallpox
ii. troubling him
iii. all in bed, playing
iv. hiding under the bed clothes

Learning To Cook Questions & Answers

Question 2: Why did Jacob keep the children busy?

Answer: Jacob kept the children busy because he did not want them to worry about the troopers. The four kids had lost their father, Colonel Beverly, in the “English Civil War” and had even lost their home which was burnt down by the Parliamentarians and so they had the fear of the Parliamentarian troopers in their minds.

Question 3: Why did Jacob ask the children to go to bed before dinner?

Answer: The troopers were hunting in the forest looking for the supporters of King Charles I. Jacob was afraid that they may catch sight of the children and would not believe Jacob’s story that the kids were his grandchildren. He did not want the troopers to spot the kids and so asks them to go to bed before dinner and he lied to the troopers that the kids were suffering from small pox. Thus, he saved the children.

Question 4: Was Jacob a man who could think ahead and plan? Which actions tell you so?

Answer: Jacob was, indeed, a man who thought ahead clearly and planned accordingly. He was aware of the fact that the kids would be scared of the troopers if they found them. So, in order to divert their minds, he planned to keep them engaged in the process of cooking. Jacob was sure that if the troopers would see their cottage, they would surely enter it and search it. He was also sure that the story of the kids being his grandchildren would be caught as a lie. So, he pre-planned his actions that he would take when the troopers would enter his cottage and accordingly instructed the kids to get into bed and pretend to be ill suffering from an infectious disease.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
“So you shall my dear,” said Jacob, “and I will show you how.”

(a) Who is the speaker and the listener in the above lines?

Answer: The speaker is Jacob Armitage, a loyal servant to Colonel Beverley and the listener is Alice, Colonel Beverley’s daughter.

(b) What will the speaker show the listener?

Answer: Jacob will show Alice how to cook.

(c) Who else are present there?

Answer: Humprey, Edward and Edith and the dog Smoker are also present there.

(d) Where are they at the moment and what task will be done by them?

Answer: They are at a cottage amidst the forest saving themselves from the Parliamentarian troopers.

(e) What task will be done by each of them?

Answer: Alice would be cooking the food, Edward would fetch some water from the spring and would cut the venison into pieces. Humprey would cut the onions and get some plates form the drawer to arrange the table. Edith was assigned with the task of getting the salt shaker from the cupboard.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
“A poor forester, Sir,” replied Jacob, “under great trouble.”

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: This was said by Jacob to the Parliamentarian troopers who had entered their cottage.

(b) What was the ‘great trouble’?

Answer: Jacob lied to the troopers that he was in ‘great trouble’ because all his grandchildren were in bed suffering from small pox disease.

So, these were Learning To Cook Questions & Answers.

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