Where The Mind is Without Fear Explanation

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Where The Mind is Without Fear Explanation

Where The Mind is Without Fear Explanation

The poem is written by Rabindranath Tagore and it is about how the poet wants his country to be. He has certain dreams like education should be free to all, no caste and creed, communal harmony. It is a prayer to God written by renowned poet, story writer and educator Rabindranath Tagore.

Word Galaxy

  • Fragments – pieces
  • Head is held high – self respect
  • Domestic – pertaining to family
  • Striving – try hard
  • Tireless – without getting tired
  • Stream – river
  • Dreary – dull
  • Reason – intellect
  • Dead habit – old customs
  • Desert – dry area of land
  • Awake – to get up from sleep

Stanza 1

“Where the mind…………………………………………aims towards perfection”

In these lines, the poet expresses his vision to live in a country where the people have no oppressions and they should keep their heads high with pride and confidence. He prays to God that there should be an atmosphere of fearlessness. He further wishes that education should be provided to all, it should not be gender biased which will promote the growth of the country in all aspects. The poet dreams that not only his country but the whole world should live in unity and brotherhood. The world should not face riots because of orthodox beliefs based on cast, culture, color, creed, etc. The poet dreams that the people should be honest and truthful. They should be hardworking, making continuous efforts to make their country an ideal place to live.

Stanza 2

“Where the clear stream ……………………………………my country awake”

The poet sees a dream where the people of his country possess the capacity of thinking logically. They should analyze their actions for the right purpose and be not carried away by greed or selfishness. The people of his country should have a strong willpower to overcome the evil thoughts and habits. In the last lines, the poet prayers to the Almighty to bless the people with ample awareness so that the county becomes a heaven.

So, this was Where The Mind is Without Fear Explanation.

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