Dal Delight Questions & Answers

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Dal Delight Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sherwani – long coat, worn with pyjamas
  • Nawab – Mughal king
  • Shahi – royal
  • By being so difficult – here, by being so particular
  • Phirni – a traditional Indian pudding made from rice, sugar and milk
  • All his dreams were drifting away – here, the chance of his dreams coming true was decreasing
  • Swooped – moved rapidly downwards in the air
  • Thumbing – throbbing or beating
  • Pales before this – is nothing compared to this
  • Is of the heavens – here, is absolutely delicious
  • Sighed – a deep breath, showing sadness

Question 1: Tick the options that seem appropriate. There can be more than one.

(a) Sadiq thought the man who came to their shop was rich because he was__________

i. riding a horse, wearing a silk sherwani and was accompanied by two servants.
ii. wearing a silk sherwani
iii. riding a horse
iv. riding a horse, wearing a silk sherwani and a crown

(b) Qadir couldn’t serve the dal to the nawab that day because__________

i. he did not like the nawab
ii. he cooked the dal only on order
iii. he needed a day to prepare the dal with secret spices
iv. his stock of the dal had finished

(c) Sadiq was worried that the nawab would lose his temper because his father__________

i. had refused to serve the dal to the nawab on that day
ii. had refused to take the dal to the nawab’s house
iii. needed a whole day to cook the dal
iv. had spoken rudely

(d) Sadiq didn’t want the nawab to get angry because __________

i. he was scared that if the nawab got angry, his father would yell at him
ii. he knew that nawabs often gave handsome rewards to cooks if they liked a dish
iii. the nawab had promised to buy kites for him and his friend Aman
iv. the nawab was a very rich and special customer.

(e) The nawab did not get angry because he__________

i. was in a good mood
ii. thought that maybe there was something special about the dal.
iii. was amused by Qadir’s difficult behaviour
iv. had heard about the delicious dal that Qadir cooked

(f) ‘He hoped nothing would go wrong the next day.’ Sadiq was afraid that__________

i. his father would not cook the dal
ii. the nawab would not like the dal.
iii. his father could do something to anger the nawab
iv. the dal would not be cooked well

Question 2: Who was Sadiq? What was his father’s name?

Answer: Sadiq was the son of a famous cook in Lucknow who prepared delicious, incompetent dal and was famous for it. His father’s name was Mohammad Quadir.

Question 3: Why had the Nawab gone to the Quadir’s shop?

Answer: The Nawab was very fond of tasting new dishes and had heard a lot about Mohammad Quadir’s extra ordinary, delicious and tasty dishes. Therefore, the Nawab went to Quadir’s shop to taste his dishes.

Question 4: Which dish did Qadir make the best?

Answer: Qadir made Shahi urad dal the best.

Dal Delight Questions & Answers

Question 5: What were Qadir’s conditions serving the dal?

Answer: Qadir prepared his special dal only on orders. Whoever wanted to taste his dal had to come to the shop. The same condition was put before the Nawab and Qadir also mentioned that it had to be eaten as soon as it had been cooked. So, if the nawab did not arrive on time at the shop he would throw the dal away or feed it to the poor.

Question 6: What happened when Sadiq went to call Nawab for lunch?

Answer: The nawab was flying kites with his friends when Sadiq reached to call him. His kite was in danger and he was occupied in his mind to save the kite forgetting all about the dal and the conditions that Qadir had put before him to taste the dal.

Question 7: How do you think Sadiq got Nawab to come for lunch?

Answer: Sadiq saw that the king would not stop flying kites till he won or lost. He was also aware of his friend’s temper and found his dreams drifting away. So, he, very cleverly, went to his friend, who was competing with the king in flying kite and requested his friend to cut the nawab’s kite. Once the kite was cut, the king’s interest diminished and he got ready to go to the shop.

Question 8: ‘Nearing the shop, Sadiq race ahead, his heart thumbing nervously. Why do you think Sadiq was nervous?

Answer: Sadiq was worried that he was late to the shop. He was aware that his father was very short tempered and would have thrown away the dal according to his condition. He was also nervous because he thought that his father might lose temper at the nawab for coming late which may lead to them losing the reward.

Question 9: What does the story tell you about Qadir and Nawab?



Qadir is very honest, direct and precise in attitude and behavior. This is expressed in the story when he tells the nawab: “…but you asked me, what I cook best.” He is a man of principles and is proud of his ability to cook, but he does not bend even for the richest of customers. He shows adamant behavior which often resulted in an arrogant attitude and this is shown by his words “I’ll throw the dal away or fed it to the poor.”


The nawab is an impatient and arrogant person. He had a great passion for ‘tasting new dishes’ but was very self-indulgent. He was a bit careless with time for he knew that Qadir would not serve him the dish if he was late but still, he insisted on flying kites and wait till the game was over instead of going to the shop to taste his food.

So, these were Dal Delight Questions & Answers.

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