An Adventure of Sindbad Questions & Answers

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An Adventure of Sindbad Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Sindbad was a good __________.

i. swimmer
ii. hunter
iii. dancer
iv. singer

(b) Sindbad loved adventures and went on many__________.

i. tours
ii. voyages
iii. trips
iv. flights

(c) Sindbad was offered the position of ____________.

i. minister
ii. commander
iii. captain
iv. chief coast guard

(d) Sindbad swam for__________hours.

i. 10
ii. 12
iii. 3
iv. 8

(e) Sindbad managed ________ at the port.

i. cargo
ii. ships
iii. passengers
iv. money

Question 2: Who was Sindbad? What kind of a person was he?

Answer: Sindbad was a sailor who lived in Baghdad. He was courageous and kind. He loved adventure and went on many voyages.

Question 3: Who all were on the ship and where were they headed to?

Answer: Sindbad and a group of merchants sailed to a distant land. The merchants traded their goods and got a fair price.

Question 4: Why was all the sailors overjoyed?

Answer: All the sailors were overjoyed when one of them spotted a piece of land while sailing back towards their homeland. The captain of the ship decided to halt there for a day.

Question 5: What did the merchants and sailors do after landing on the island?

Answer: The merchants and the sailors walked around, sang and danced. Some of them lit a fire and started cooking. Another group went fishing.

Question 6: Why were all the sailors scared in the island where they halted?

Answer: All the sailors were scared in the island when suddenly the ground of the island where they halted began to shake.

An Adventure of Sindbad Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why did the island shake suddenly? What did the people merchants and sailors do?

Answer: The island shook suddenly because it was not really an island, but the back of a huge whale. The whale dived into the sea. The sailors screamed and ran. Many of them managed to reach the ship but some of them couldn’t reach.

Question 8: What did the people realise about the island?

Answer: The people realised that the island was actually the back of a huge whale.

Question 9: What happened after the island started moving?

Answer: There was chaos all round, after the whale dived in to the sea. The sailors screamed and ran. Many of them managed to reach the ship but some of them couldn’t.

Question 10: Who spotted Sindbad on the shore? Where did they take him?

Answer: A group of soldiers who were patrolling the shore spotted Sindbad. They took him to the Emperor’s court.

Question 11: Where did the soldiers take Sindbad? Why?

Answer: The soldiers took Sindbad to the emperor because they mistook him for an enemy.

Question 12: Why was the emperor fascinated?

Answer: The emperor was fascinated after hearing about Sindbad’s many voyages.

Question 13: Which position did the emperor offer Sindbad? What kind of job was he doing there?

Answer: The emperor offered Sindbad the position of chief coast guard of the kingdom. He began to manage the cargo at the port.

Question 14: Who recognised Sindbad at the port?

Answer: One of the sailors of the ship in which Sindbad was travelling with other merchants.

Question 15: What happened to Sindbad?

Answer: Sindbad could not board the ship. He called out to the sailors but they did not hear him, and sailed off. He swam for eight hours before he reached the shore.

So, these were An Adventure of Sindbad Questions & Answers.

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