The Unbreakable Questions & Answers

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The Unbreakable Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Humble – Of low rank
  • Convince – Persuade to do
  • Dependant – Person who depends on another for financial support
  • Immense – Very large or great
  • Consecutive – One after the other, following in an unbroken sequence
  • Keen – Eager and enthusiastic
  • Quest – Long search
  • Sibling – Brother or sister
  • Sponsor – A person or organization that contributes to the cost of an event in return for advertising
  • Currently – Happening now
  • Groove – Here, a fixed routine
  • Symbolized – To be a symbol or example of
  • Legend – An extremely famous person in a particular field / old story about famous people or events in past
  • Emerge – To come out into
  • Humane – Kind or considerate
  • Fortunate – lucky
  • Ethical – Moral principles or morally correct
  • Compassionate – considerate
  • Conferred – Granted a title or degree
  • Idolize – Admire or love greatly
  • Distinguish – Recognize as different
  • Tempting – Enticing someone to do something against their better judgment, here it means attracting

Question 1: List two reasons that might motivated Mary Kom to take up boxing?

Answer: In my opinion, Mary Kom took up boxing to help her dependent family lead a better life. Also, when boxer, Dingko Singh, from Manipur, won the gold medal in Asian Cup, Mary Kom got motivated and wanted to prove that even women could do anything.

Question 2: List 3 reasons why Mary’s achievements are so remarkable?

Answer: Mary Kom’s achievements are remarkable because she has become India’s most successful woman boxer in a largely male dominated sport. Secondly, she had to face a lot of struggles because of her family’s poor status. She did not have a proper kit or even good shoes. Another reason is her will power and dedication that pushed her to resist all social pressures.

Question 3: Mary says, “Our neighbours said all kind of things. I want to show that not just men, but even women can do anything they want.” What do the lines tell you about Mary Kom’s character?

Answer: Mary Kom is a lady with a great heart. She has a great zeal and fighting spirit which has made her stand all the odds of life. Her confident determination and perseverance to take up all challenges and to dream has helped her succeed and come this far. She has proved her neighbours and villagers wrong through her deeds. She has faith in her abilities and has worked tirelessly to strengthen them and stand at par with men.

The Unbreakable Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
“When I started I had no encouragement …………..struggle a lot for the first 4 – 5 years.”

(a) Who is the speaker in the above lines?

Answer: Mary Kom is the speaker in the above lines.

(b) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: Mary Kom said this because she belonged to a poor yet a humble family and thus wanted to support them. Secondly, boxing was not considered a very respectable sport for women, but her passion and spirit towards the sport gave her sleepless nights and she wanted to compete with the male dominated society. Her father was never in favour of her being a wrestler and she was left all alone without family support.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
“I started the academy because ………make the country proud.”

(a) Where and when was the academy established? Which sport is being referred to in the above lines?

Answer: The academy was established in Imphal in 2006. It was dedicated to the boxing sport.

(b) What was the reason behind the establishment of this academy?

Answer: Mary Kom established the academy to train people in the boxing sport and she wanted to give the country better boxers and make it proud.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
“Of course, I miss my family and my children……….level best.”

(a) Who is ‘I’ in the above lines?

Answer: ‘I’ is referred to MC Mary Kom in the above lines.

(b) Who are ‘family’ and ‘children’?

Answer: Her ‘family’ comprised her husband, K Onler Kom and three children named Prince, Renchungvar and Khupneivar who were twins.

(c) What ‘sacrifice’ is being spoken about in the above lines?

Answer: Mary Kom had been focusing more on her training and career and participated in the Olympics. She had to stay away from her kids, which is the biggest sacrifice for a mother. But she had to sacrifice her family life and duties towards the kids as she had to play for the country and make her country proud.

So, these were The Unbreakable Questions & Answers.

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