Water – The Blue Resource Objective Type Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone, this article will share Water – The Blue Resource Objective Type Questions & Answers.

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Water – The Blue Resource Objective Type Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) Which one of the following does not help in conservation of water?

i. excessive use of tube wells
ii. recycling
iii. sprinkle irrigation
iv. water harvesting

(b) The natural drainage area is called __________.

i. watershed
ii. water reserve
iii. irrigation
iv. river banks

(c) Which of the following contributes to the degradation of water?

i. oil spill
ii. desalinisation
iii. afforestation
iv. run off

(d) ________________ are protected by various laws as they are source of fresh water.

i. Wetlands
ii. Rivers
iii. Ponds
iv. Dams

(e) Perennial rivers are_________

i. snow fed
ii. rainfed
iii. dam fed
iv. all of the above

(f) ____________ cleaning projects have been undertaken to improve the quality of water.

i. River
ii. Marine
iii. Land
iv. Thermal

(g) Rainwater harvesting is practiced mostly in

i. villages
ii. semi-arid and arid areas
iii. river banks
iv. drought affected areas

Question 2: Fill in the blanks.

(a) Surface water is the main source of fresh water.
(b) Hydroelectric power is the electricity produced by water.
(c) The percentage of water available for human consumption is 1%.
(d) Afforestation increases the level of the underground water.
(e) Chennai is said to be the first city to go 100% on rain water harvesting.
(f) Dead Sea is the saltiest sea of the world.

Question 3: Match the columns.

Column AColumn B
i.   Nilea. Kariba
ii.  Indusb. Bhakra Nangal
iii. Satlujc. Aswan
iv. Zambezid. Tarbela
Answer: i-c, ii-d, iii-b, iv-a

Question 4: Name the following:

(a) Also known as water cycle.

Answer: Hydrological cycle

(b) Water used for farming.

Answer: Irrigation

(c) Generate from water.

Answer: Hydroelectricity

So, these were Water – The Blue Resource Objective Type Questions & Answers.

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