What Colour is That Creature Questions & Answers

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What Colour is That Creature Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was Rajaram’s joke about Bahadur?

Answer: Rajaram’s joke about Bahadur was that the spirits of the woods might have eaten up Bahadur.

Question 2: Why was Bahadur late for the friends’ meeting?

Answer: Bahadur was late because he found a herd of elephants on his way back from the forest and he had to take another route.

Question 3: Shyamlal says Rajaram should take medicine for ________. According to Rajaram, Shyamlal and Bahadur are suffering from _______.

Answer: madness, blindness

Question 4: Why did the creature appear in different colours to Rajaram, Shyamlal and Bahadur?

Answer: The creature was a chameleon which can change its colour according to the place it sits in. Rajaram, Shyamlal and Bahadur saw it in different places, so it appeared in different colours to them.

Question 5: Find out the word for the phenomenon of animals changing their colour to match their surroundings. It begins with C.

Answer: Camouflage

Question 6: Which of the following is the most important message of the play?

(a) Making fun of others leads to quarrel.
(b) Chameleons are wonderful creatures.
(c) Hermits, sadhus and godmen know more about God than ordinary people.
(d) We should respect other people’s opinions and beliefs.

Answer: We should respect other people’s opinions and beliefs.

Question 7: Complete the following table with information from the play.


Characterwhen he saw the creature, he wasThe colour of the creature when he saw it
RajaramCollecting herbs from the forestA special bluish colour
BahadurCollecting honeyBlood-red
ShyamlalLooking for his master’s missing horseGreen

Question 8: Associate the statements given below with the characters of the play who would say them.

1. ‘People of all religions are equal in front of God.’

Answer: The hermit

2. ‘Don’t drink goat’s milk until your headache goes away.’

Answer: Rajaram

3. ‘There is no tree in this forest which I haven’t climbed’

Answer: Bahadur

4. ‘A bagful of fodder costs twenty-five rupees.’

Answer: Shyamlal

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