A Family on The Roof Questions & Answers

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A Family on The Roof Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

1. The egg on the roof of the patio was that of

(a) a hen.
(b) a snake.
(c) a peahen.

2. How long did it take for the eggs to hatch?

(a) twenty-three days
(b) one week
(c) three weeks

3. Choose another suitable title for the story.

(a) ‘The Peahen and the Cat’
(b) ‘My Pet Peahen’
(c) ‘The Peahen and Her Chicks’

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. The egg was first spotted by the mother – True
2. A snake’s egg is bigger than that of a peahen – False
3. The mother peahen did not care about the weather – False
4. A snake ate one of the eggs – False
5. This story is about mother-child relationship – True

Question 3: Why did the girl believe the eggs could not be a snake’s?

Answer: The girl believed that the eggs could not be a snake’s because a snake’s eggs are not as big as the eggs she found on the roof.

Question 4: Why was the spotting of the eggs ‘wonderful news’?

Answer: The spotting of the eggs was wonderful news because it meant the girl could now have a pet.

Question 5: What food did the girl give to the peahen?

Answer: The girl threw a few pieces of bread and rotis as food for the peahen.

Question 6: What was the incident involving a cat?

Answer: A cat was carrying away one of the eggs of the peahen. When the girl screamed, the cat dropped the egg and it broke.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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