The Boy and The Robbers Questions & Answers

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The Boy and The Robbers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Persian boys were taught at home and at school to

(a) Travel to distant cities
(b) Fight robbers
(c) Tell the truth.

Answer: Tell the truth

Question 2: Who said this: “Truth is beautiful. Always love it”?

Answer: The Otanes’s mother said this.

Question 3: Why did Otanes’s parents want to send him to a distant city?

Answer: Otanes’s parents wanted to send him to a distant city to study in a famous school.

Question 4: Say whether true or false.

(a) Otanes travelled with a band of robbers – False
(b) Otanes had forty pieces of gold on him – True
(c) Otanes told the robbers that he had no money – False
(d) The robber chief realized that he had been a coward – True

Question 5: Where did Otanes keep his money?

(a) In his pocket
(b) In his hat
(c) In a fellow traveller’s bag

Answer: In his hat

Question 6: Why didn’t the robbers believe Otanes?

Answer: The robbers didn’t believe as it was unbelievable that a boy could travel with so much money as that.

Question 7: What happened to Otanes in later life?

Answer: Otanes became one of the famous men of his country and the advisor and friend of two of the kings who succeeded Cyrus.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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