The Wonderful Tea Kettle Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Wonderful Tea Kettle Questions & Answers.

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The Wonderful Tea Kettle Questions & Answers

Question 1: Find suitable phrases to fill in the blanks.

1. The priest was worried when his tea-kettle broke because he had no money to buy a new one.
2. The old priest’s pupils caught the badger and squeezed it into a keg used for storing pickled radish.
3. The priest feared that the kettle would again turn into a badger so he sold it to a tinker.
4. The tinker hired a professional showman to set up a theatre and stage.
5. The people who came to see the badger show brought food with them because they wanted to stay there the whole day.
6. The priest got a lot of money from the tinker to take care of the kettle.

Question 2: The story of the priest and the tea-kettle mentions several objects that the characters use. Write what these objects are made of with the help of the clues.


1. the tickets for the badger show wood.
2. the priest’s broom hawk’s feathers
3. the lampshade in the tinker’s bedroom paper
4. the tight-rope rice straw
5. the priest’s tea-stirrer bamboo
6. the tea-kettle brass
7. the tea-caddy pewter

Question 3: What qualities of the priest make us call him an honest priest?

Answer: The fact that the priest did all his work himself and lived frugally make us call him an honest priest.

Question 4: What happened when the priest began to make tea in his new kettle?

Answer: When the priest began to make tea in his new kettle, it turned into a strange thing, half kettle and half badger.

Question 5: How did the priest’s pupils try to kill the badger?

Answer: The priest’s pupils caught the badger and squeezed it into a keg used to store pickle and fastened the lid with a heavy stone. They hoped that the strong odour of the radish pickle would kill the badger.

Question 6: What arrangements were made in the theatre for the badger show?

Answer: The theatre was built by a professional showman. An artist painted the scenery of the sacred mountain Fujiyama in the background and cranes flying through the air, a crimson sun shining through the bamboo, a red moon rising over the waves with golden clouds and tortoises. A tight rope of rice straw was stretched across the stage.

Question 7: Describe the badger’s performance.

Answer: When the tinker waved his fan the badger ran around on four legs as half kettle and half badger clanking its lid and wagging its tail. Next it turned into a badger, swelled out its body and beat a tune on it like a drum. The badger then danced on a tight rope and walked the slack rope holding an umbrella or a fan in its paws. It stood on its head and finally turned into a kettle when its master flourished his fan.

Question 8: Why did the tinker return the kettle to the priest?

Answer: The tinker exhibited the kettle-badger for many years and became very rich. Then he retired from his business and to show his gratitude to the priest, he returned the kettle to him.

So, these were The Wonderful Tea Kettle Questions & Answers.

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