What Where How And When Questions & Answers

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What Where How And When Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the following

Narmada ValleyThe first big kingdom
MagadhaHunting and gathering
Garo HillsCities about 2500 years ago
Indus and its tributariesEarly agriculture
Ganga valleyThe first cities


Narmada ValleyHunting and gathering
MagadhaThe first big kingdom
Garo HillsEarly agriculture
Indus and its tributariesThe first cities
Ganga valleyCities about 2500 years ago

Question 2: List one major difference between manuscripts and inscriptions.


Manuscripts came from the Latin word Manu meaning hand, hence they were written by hand, usually on palm leaves or on the specially prepared bark of a tree known as the birch, which grows in the Himalayas.Inscriptions are writings engraved on relatively hard surfaces such as stone or metal.

Question 3: Return to Rasheeda’s question. Can you think of some answers to it?

Rasheeda’s question
Rasheeda sat reading the newspaper. Suddenly, her eyes fell on a small headline: “One Hundred Years Ago.” How, she wondered, could anyone know what had happened so many years ago?

Answer: Yes, we can think of few sources that can tell us about the past. These sources can be manuscripts, inscriptions, tools, weapons, paintings and sculptures.

Question 4: Make a list of all objects that archaeologists may find. Which of these could be made of stone?

Answer: Archaeologists may find many things as shared below:
Buildings made of stone and brick, paintings, sculptures, tools, weapons, pots, pans, ornaments, coins.
The objects that could be made up of stone are buildings, sculptures, tools, weapons and ornaments.

What Where How And When Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why do you think ordinary men and women did not generally keep records of what they did?

Answer: Keeping records in the past was not easy, may be due to lack of knowledge, skill and resources to keep records. Records were usually maintained by Kings in the form of their orders or to describe their victories in battles by inscribing them on the stones. However, getting something inscribed on the stone was not an easy task that could be carried out by an ordinary person.

Question 6: Describe at least 2 ways in which you think the lives of kings would have been different from those of farmers.

1. The kings lived in palaces and enjoyed a luxurious life, whereas farmers had no such luxuries and lived in hutments or small houses.
2. The kings enjoyed the power of ruling a territory, whereas farmers had no such power and had to obey the orders of the kings.
3. The kings had to protect their territory from external enemies or expand their territory by winning battles, whereas farmers had no such responsibilities and his job was to grow crops on a given piece of land.

Question 7: Find the word crafts persons on page 1. List at least five different crafts that you know about today. Are the crafts persons — (a) men (b) women (c) both men and women?

Answer: The crafts that we know of today are pottery, weaving, carpentry, painting, jewellery making, writing, acting. Today, craft person are both men and women.

Question 8: What were the subjects on which books were written in the past? Which of these would you like to read?

Answer: Ancient books covered subjects like religious beliefs and practices, lives of the kings, medicine, science, poetry, drama and epic.
It would be really interesting to read the epics of the past.

So, these were What Where How And When Questions & Answers.

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