What’s New In WordPress 5.3

What’s New In WordPress 5.3

WordPress 5.3 is expected to release on 12 November, 2019. It will be the last major release of this year and is coming with some significant updates.

It is full with new features such as user interfaceupdate and Gutenberg editor improvements.

In this post, I am going to share the new features ofWordPress 5.3.

You can try te WordPress 5.3 on you PC or in astaging environment by using the WordPress BetaTester plugin.

It is still under development which means that somefeatures can change and may not make into the final release.

So, let’s take a look on the expected features ofWordPress 5.3.

Expected Features of WordPress 5.3

User Interface and Design Updates

WordPress 5.3 will come with several changes in theWordPress user interface. These changes sre those which some of te users maynot even notice it. However, they will bring a good sense to the appearance ofthe admin area.

It will improve accessibility of the WordPress AdminDashboard and make it good experience to the users.

A Brand New Default WordPress Theme

WordPress 5.3 will come with a new theme called TwentyTwenty. This theme is designed by Anders Norénand is based on Chaplin,a free WordPress Theme released on the theme directory of WordPress.org.

This theme will enable the WordPress users to makefull use of the Gutenberg Block editor and create gorgeous layouts for theircontent. It also works with all the best WordPress page bulders.

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The Improved and New Blocks

Grouping Blocks

You can just add a group block by typing /group andselect a Group Block. Then, add the blocks in the group block or by draggingthe blocks to the group block.

New Image Style

This version introduces new styles: Default and Circlemask.

Improved Table Block

Table Block will also get improved in WordPress 5.3.You will be now able to select different styles and add stripes to your therows.

Improved Columns Block

Columns block asks you to choose a layout for yourcolumns or adjust its dimensions. It also comes with an option to add aplaceholder inside each column.

This makes it easy to create multi-columns.

Improved Latest Posts Block

The new WordPress 5.3 allows you to add latest postswith excerpts and control their lengths as well.

Improved Button Block

In this improved block, you can set the border radius yourself,set the target and add a rel attribute to the link. This means that you canopen the button links in a new tab and make it nofollow.

New Social Links Block

WordPress 5.3 will have a new social links block whichenables the users to add social media icons in your posts and pages.

You can even add, remove or even select the icons ofother social media websites.

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Verification of Admin Email

WordPress 5.3 makes it mandatory to verify the adminemail address so that you don’t miss important messages.

Change in Admin Login Page

A show/hide password toggle will now be available onthe Admin Login Page on both mobile and desktop devices.

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