Whose Place Is It Anyway Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by Martin Kiszko. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Adventure of the Speckled Band, Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead and From a Railway Carriage so, you can check these posts as well.

Whose Place Is It Anyway Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mpingo tree – very dense and durable tree
  • Pine marten – an animal from North Europe; it is about the size of a domestic cat
  • Scarper – run away
  • Trawl – here, a type of net used for fishing
  • Newt – here, a lizard-like creature, bright in colour
  • Cold – here, heartless
  • Without trace – with not even a sign of them
  • Slogging – here, too much of effort

Question 1: What are the threats faced by the hippos and the wolves of Ethiopia?

Answer: Hippos are threatened by the guns of illegal poachers. The Ethiopian wolves cannot trust humans to leave them alone.

Question 2: What does watch their last setting suns mean?

Answer: The Phrase ‘watch their last setting suns’ means that humans are taking over the animal’s habitat and they are facing extinction. If nothing is done, they may not exist to see the near future.

Question 3: What are the reasons for the decline of polar bears and whitetip sharks and angel sharks?

Answer: As the Artic ice melts due to global warming, polar bears face a dire threat to their habitat and existence. The whitetip shark and the Angel shark are being trapped by fishing trawls which put their survival in jeopardy.

Question 4: What do you understand from this – Will the jaguar outrun the hunter’s cold pursuit?

Answer: It means that despite the fact that jaguars are amongst the fastest animals on the land, the speaker still wonders if they can escape the hunting gun that threatens their survival.

Question 5: Why are the habitats of snakes turning to roads?

Answer: As the human population increases, more and more land is required for building shelter and because of this, the habitats of many animals are being used up by humans. So, the habitats of snakes are being turned to roads.

Question 6: List any 5 phrases used by the poet to express the sense of danger and decline that confronts life forms in our environment.


i. Threatened by the workings of a mine
ii. Live on borrowed time
iii. Watch their last setting sun
iv. Habitat turns to road
v. Survive the ruthless logging

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Whose true worth is the poet talking about?

Answer: The Poet is talking about the true worth of animals and trees which are under threat of extinction due to human activities.

(b) ‘We can’t let our best friends simply vanish without trace’. Who is the poet referring to?

Answer: The poet is referring to the plants and animals that are simply vanishing with not even a sign of them due to human activities.

(c) What message does the poet convey in the above stanza?

Answer: The poet asks us to recognize the urgency of the situation. We need to understand that humans aren’t the only ones on this Earth. We should work together and do something before all the other living beings disappear. The poet sets a reminder that we must treat animals as our friends and restore their rights to the Earth so, they do not become extinct.

(d) Bring out the rhyming scheme of the above stanza.

Answer: The rhyming scheme of the above stanza is aa,bb.

(e) Bring out the literary device used in line 4 of the above stanza.

Answer: The literary device used in the above line is ‘Alliteration’ as ‘r’ sound is repeated restore and rightful.

So, these were Whose Place Is It Anyway Questions & Answers.

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