Yoga Key To Good Health Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Yoga Key To Good Health Questions & Answers.

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Yoga Key To Good Health Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) Uncle Rahul practised yoga daily to

i. shed his weight
ii. manage lifestyle diseases
iii. get rid of stress and gain energy

(b) The Surya Namaskar is made up of ________ poses.

i. 13
ii. 12
iii. 14

(c) Somu was a ___________ bowler.

i. medium paced
ii. fast paced
iii. slow paced

Question 2: Which asana helps babies to get rid of gastric problems?

Answer: Pawan-mukta asana helps babies to get rid of gastric problems.

Question 3: How do inhalation and exhalation help us?

Answer: Inhalation energizes the body and exhalation relaxes the body.

Question 4: Write a short note on the benefits of Sun Salutation as practised by Uncle Rahul.

Answer: Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a complete exercise regime as it helps external and internal organs to stay healthy. It is made up of 12 poses that are repeated twice; once for the left and then for the right side of the body. These 12 poses consist of contracting and stretching of body muscles, forward bends, backward bends, holding of postures and total balancing of the body.

Question 5: What was the difference between the catch taken by Nikhil and Uncle Rahul who practised yoga daily?

Answer: Nikhil joined his hands hurriedly above his form and umped to catch it. The ball hit him hard, he winced and dropped the catch. Uncle Rahul, on the other hand focussed his gaze on the ball that went up in the air when Aamu hit it again. He positioned himself at the boundary, cupped his hands to catch the ball effortlessly using his focus and cool mind. Uncle Rahul could do so because he practised yoga regularly.

Question 6: Which aspects correctly describe Uncle Rahul’s attitude of a winner?

Answer: Uncle Rahul was fit, focussed. Yoga helped him to concentrated, measure and position himself and still be so cool and composed.

Question 7: What is yoga posture?

Answer: Yoga posture is the comfortable positioning of the body in a particular position and holding it there.

Yoga Key To Good Health Questions & Answers

Question 8: Write about any three yoga postures and their benefits.

Answer: The three yoga postures are Pawan-mukta asana, Savasana and Padmasana. Their benefits are:

  • Pawan-mukta asana – It strengthens abdominal muscles and reduces belly fat. It massages the intestines and other abdominal organs. It promotes digestion and relieves gastric problems.
  • Savasana – Calms the mind and reduces stress. Reduces headache, fatigue and anxiety. Helps lower blood pressure.
  • Padmasana –. Calms the brain. Increases awareness and attentiveness. Keeps the spine straight. Helps develop good posture. Helps keeps joints and ligaments flexible.

Question 9: Why are all human beings, animals and birds called ‘born yoga experts’?

Answer: All human beings, animals and birds are called ‘born yoga experts’ as nature has equipped them with knowledge of yoga. It is proved by the fact that all human babies do yoga postures to keep themselves fit and prepare themselves for their growth and development. Similarly, all birds and animals also know yoga.

Question 10: What are the benefits of yoga in a student’s life who has to study as well as play?

Answer: Yoga gives us energy, focus and stress-free mind. Yoga helps to energise as well as relax the mind and body of a student. Daily practice of yoga helps them to stay fit and agile which is a must for studies as well as for sports. Their muscles become strong, postures improve and stress is eliminated as focus and concentration improves performance and confidence.

Question 11: Which tactic did Uncle Rahul apply to convince the boys with a detailed explanation about yoga?

Answer: The boys were quite surprised and impressed the way Uncle Rahul took the catch efficiently like an expert. He told the boys that his focus, cool composure and concentration were all due to his regular yoga practice. He shared his strengths and tried to walk away without sharing the whole story. The boys became curious to know more and pestered him to share the in-depth details about yoga.

Question 12: What does the tactic tell us about his character?

Answer: The tactic shows about the cool and calm nature of Uncle Rahul. He knows how to handle the situation and how to convince someone. At the same time, it also shows that with this tactic he wanted the young boys to make yoga their daily routine.

Question 13: Why do we need an instructor to start with yoga?

Answer: We need an instructor to start with yoga because they are experts in this field and understand the requirement of different individuals according to their age, health problems and body types. They teach the postures in a proper manner with correct breathing techniques while doing various asanas. They also share about the Dos and Don’ts and duration of yoga regime.

Question 14: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.
“What do you mean when you say that you revised your yoga lessons?”

(a) Who asked this and from whom?

Answer: Somu asked this to Uncle Rahul.

(b) Where was this question asked?

Answer: The question was asked in the community ground.

(c) What was the answer to this question?

Answer: Uncle Rahul answered that we all know yoga from the time we were born, quite naturally, just like the animals and birds. Mother nature has equipped us with yoga for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

(d) Do you plan to revise your yoga lessons? Why/Why not?

Answer: Yes, I will certainly revise my yoga lessons to have energetic, focussed and stress-free mind.

So, these were Yoga Key To Good Health Questions & Answers.

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