Zlata’s Diary Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Zlata’s Diary Questions & Answers.

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Zlata’s Diary Questions & Answers

Question 1: Zlata and her family were caught in the war between which two countries?

Answer: Zlata and her family were caught in the war between Serbia and Bosnia.

Question 2: Where did Zlata lived? How old was she when she began her diary in 1991?

Answer: Zlata lived in Sarajevo. When she began her diary in 1991, she was almost eleven-years-old.

Question 3: What kind of girl was Zlata before the war caught up with them? Pick the words that show this.

Answer: Zlata lived an ordinary happy childhood with her family before the war began. We know this because the author refers to her life before the war as ‘a very happy, normal life’.

Question 4: Zlata watched with disbelief as her friends and relative tried desperately to flee before it was too late.

Answer: Life in Sarajevo was both difficult and dangerous.

Question 5: Her mother, a chemist, began to slip into a stable of gloom and despair as the family spent after day cowering in the cellar while heavy artillery ravaged Sarajevo.___________made Zlata’s mother slip into depression and despair.

Answer: Their hardship and dangerous existence

Question 6: Zlata was different, she was suffering but because she was recording the events taking place around her, she tended to see the world from a slightly detached viewpoint. Zlata had a slightly detached viewpoint because she was

Answer: able to look at the events objectively as she recorded them.

Question 7: How did music help Zlata during this difficult period of war? Was music much more than a mere hobby for Zlata during this time?

Answer: Music was a great source of comfort for Zlata during this difficult period of war. She played Bach and Chopin even with the sound of machine guns in the background. She took solace from the fact that even with the war going on, her music was improving.
We know that music was much more than a hobby for Zlata, because to practice the piano she had to sit in her parents’ bedroom, which was one of the more dangerous places in the house, vulnerable to shelling. It was like a release for her, given the difficult circumstances she was going through.

Question 8: What are the hardships and dangers that the people of Sarajevo faced during the war? Do you think the danger have worsened in modern time?

Answer: The people of Sarajevo faced many hardships and dangers during the way such as their electricity connections and phone lines being cut off and the non-availability of water. To get water, they would have to queue up and face the dangers of frequent shelling. The people were not able to get out of their houses as such. Also, their houses were frequently bombed, so they weren’t safe in them either.
Yes, I feel like these dangers have worsened in modern times. With the advancements in types of weapons used in warfare (such as chemical and biological weapons) it has become more difficult for the common people to protect themselves in war situations. They are not safe anywhere and unable to flee from the horrors of war.

Question 9: After reading about Zlata’s predicament in this chapter, what do you think is the impact of war on children? How does it affect their growth as individuals?

Answer: The impacts of war on children are incalculable. They lose the ability to enjoy a normal way of living and are struck with fear every moment of their lives. Children lose many people dear to them in war. there is no one to explain to them what is really going on, how the war has been driven and the utter meaninglessness of all. They are like puppets, caught in the middle of it and unable to do anything about the situation.

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