Thank You Jeeves Questions & Answers

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Thank You Jeeves Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Sir Glossop?

Answer: Sir Roderick Glossop was a nerve specialist or a ‘high-priced loony doctor,’ as introduced by Bertram Wooster in the story. He was antagonist towards Wooster and was responsible for the breaking up of his engagement.

Question 2: ‘….monkey wrench was bunged into the machinery and the whole thing was off.’ What are being referred to as ‘machinery’ and ‘thing’?

Answer: Wooster’s plan to get married is being referred to as ‘Machinery’ here and ‘thing’ refers to his wedding which got cancelled.

Question 3: What kind of a person is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker Bertram Wooster is an English gentleman who lives with his valet, Jeeves. He is pleasant and amiable. He loves music and is fond of playing banjolele (a musical instrument). He is a man of sudden enthusiasms and sometimes a remorseless person, showing no sadness or guilt. He is also polite to Sir Glossop when he comes to meet him, even though he knows Sir Glossop broke up his engagement. He has a good sense of humour too.

Question 4: There is only one instance where we hear Jeeves’ voice in the story. What does it tell you about his character/personality?

Answer: Jeeves is Bertram Wooster’s valet. He comes across as intelligent, refined and knowledgeable. He quotes from Shakespeare, when asked to do so by Wooster.

Question 5: What are two noisy elements mentioned in the story?

Answer: The music from Banjolele and the noise made by Mrs Tinker- Moulke’s Pomeranian dog are the two noisy elements mentioned in the story.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

What brought him there was one of his periodical visits to J Washburn Stoker’s second cousin, George….

(a) Who was visiting George and why?

Answer: Sir Roderick Glossop – a nerve specialist was visiting George, who had been a patient of Sir Glossop for some years.

(b) Where did the visitor come to visit George and what announcement was made during his visit?

Answer: Sir Roderick Glossop had come to visit George in New York, when the announcement of Bertram Wooster’s engagement with Pauline Stoker was published in the papers.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

I imagine, he informed him that I had once been engaged to his daughter, Honoria…

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Bertram Wooster is the speaker.

(b) Whose daughter was the speaker of these lines engaged to?

Answer: The speaker of these lines Bertram Wooster was once engaged to Honoria, the daughter of Sir Roderick Glossop.

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