A Day At The Swamp Questions & Answers

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A Day At The Swamp Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who wanted to play hide and seek? Why was it impossible?

Answer: Danny wanted to play hide and seek. It was impossible to hide because they were so much larger than any of the trees

Question 2: What was the difference between the way three big dinosaurs moved and the way Terry the Tyrannosaurs moved?

Answer: The three dinosaurs were too heavy to run away, they moved like elephant on four thick legs. Though Terry was twice smaller than three cousins, he curled his small front legs before him like a kangaroo and made enormous fast leaps on his strong back legs.

Question 3: Read this line from the story and mark the following sentences as True or False:

But Belinda wasn’t as tall as her cousins Danny, the Diplodocus, who stood almost 90-feet high, or Ben, the Brachiosaurus, who was even taller.

(a) Belinda was the tallest – False
(b) Danny was the tallest – False
(c) Ben was the tallest – True

Question 4: Mark the following sentences as True or False:

(a) Belinda was a herbivore (plant-eating animal) – True
(b) Terry was a carnivore (meat-eating animal) – True
(c) Terry could not run as fast as the other dinosaurs – False
(d) As the three cousins were busy playing, they forgot to return home – True
(e) Terry could swim – False

Question 5: What was the name of Belinda’s cousin?

Answer: The name of Belinda’s cousin was Danny and Ben.

Question 6: Where did the three cousins live?

Answer: The three cousins lived in the swamp.

Question 7: To which family the three cousins belong?

Answer: The three cousins belonged to Sauropods.

Question 8: Who was scared of water?

Answer: Terry was scared of water.

Question 9: How did the three cousins reach to the swamp in dark?

Answer: The three cousins reached to the swamp in dark by smelling the swamp.

Question 10: Why could not Terry swim in water?

Answer: Terry could not swim in water because his little front legs were not strong for swimming and he was scared of water too.

Question 11: Who said this?

(a) Let us play chase!

Answer: Ben said this.

(b) “But we mustn’t go far from the swamp.”

Answer: Belinda said this.

Question 12: Who was Belinda?

Answer: Belinda, the Brontosaurus was a dinosaur.

Question 13: Who was the terror of the mainland?

Answer: Terry, the Tyrannosaurus was the terror of the mainland.

Question 14: Why were the three big dinosaurs scared of Terry?

Answer: The three big dinosaurs were scared of Terry because he was a carnivore and could run faster than them.

Question 15: Why do you think the dinosaurs never played chase outside the swamp again?

Answer: The dinosaurs never played chase outside the swamp again because they feared that they could be attacked by the Tyrannosaurs while they were on land as it could run faster than them.

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