We Saved a Whale Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share We Saved a Whale Questions & Answers.

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We Saved a Whale Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the whale-calf stuck? How did it get stuck there?

Answer: The whale-calf was stuck in the tall, crooked rocks on the beach. It had been trapped the previous night when the tide went out.

Question 2: What efforts did the people and children make to save the whale-calf? Did they succeed?

Answer: The teachers gathered the children and rushed to the spot. The parents, drivers and bus conductors joined in too. The children fetched mugs, buckets, and spare tyres, bedsheets – anything they could find in the bus. They ran to the sea, filled them with water. Then they ran back to the calf and threw the water over it. Children covered the calf with wet clothes. Many children dug pit around the calf to get it filled with water so that the calf could be easily removed. Two hours went by and the tide filled the pit with water.

Yes, they succeeded in their mission. The calf twisted and turned as the tide lifted her above the rocks. Her flippers moved smartly and it swam away.

Question 3: Choose the option which is NOT CORRECT.

It is very difficult to save a beached whale. The school team was able to save it because

(a) The whale-calf had not been out of the sea for too long.
(b) The tide came into help them.
(c) They worked constantly so that the sun would not dry the whale-calf.
(d) They fed the whale-calf good food.

Answer: (d) They fed the whale-calf good food.

Question 4: Number the following according to the sequence in which they occur in the story.


…1…Nihinsa and her teacher are building a sandcastle
…8…The whale-calf is lifted up by the sea water.
…9…The whale-calf swims away.
…7…They pour water on the calf.
…3…They decide to take a walk on the beach.
…2…The water from a huge wave washes off their sandcastle.
…6…Nihinsa calls for help.
…4…Nihinsa wants to collect shells.
…5…They find a trapped whale-calf.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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