Tooth Troubles Questions & Answers

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Tooth Troubles Questions & Answers

Question 1: To which club did Pushkin not have membership? Why?

Answer: Pushkin did not have membership of the Gap Club. It was because all the members were supposed to have at least one of their teeth fallen out and a ‘gap’ in its place, and Pushkin’s teeth had not started losing his tooth yet.

Question 2: According to Jatin, why had he challenged the fourth graders to a match?

Answer: Jatin had called the fourth graders to a match because they had called him and his friends ‘babies’ and Jatin wanted to show that they were not.

Question 3: What were Pushkin’s team’s problems with meeting the challenge?

Answer: Pushkin’s team’s primary problem was that they did not have a football. Also, Pushkin had not lost any of teeth, so he was not a Gap Club member. In exchange for a pre-membership, he promised to ask for a football from the tooth fairy, but his teeth were so strong that they would not fall despite his friends’ attempts.

Question 4: Why did the boys think that Jatin had turned into a cow?

Answer: The boys thought that Jatin had turned into a cow because he tried to pronounce ‘move’ in a muffled voice which sounded like ‘moo’ to the others.

Question 5: Who said the following statements? When did they say it? Why did they say it?

(a) If we had a football, we would beat them easily.

Answer: Jatin said this.

He said it when he realized that they needed a real football to practise before they could beat the fourth graders in a match.
He said so because the match had already been announced and they did not even have the ball to begin with.

(b) “We need to get Pushkin’s tooth to fall.”

Answer: Kiran said this.

He said this when Pushkin promised that in exchange for an early membership to the Gap Club, he would ask for a football from the tooth fairy when his tooth/ teeth fell out.
Kiran said this because they did not have a football for the match that had already been announced and they needed one immediately.

(c) “I’ll ask the tooth fairy for a football.”

Answer: Pushkin said this.

He said it when his friends, members of the Gap Club, realized that they did not even have a football to practise and they had already challenged the fourth graders to a match.
Pushkin thought if he promised to get a football for the team from the tooth fairy when his teeth fell out, he could earn an early membership to the club.

(d) “Easy-peasy-lemon squeezy!”

Answer: Sachin said this.

He said it when Jatin proposed to box Pushkin in the face to make his teeth fall out and Sachin woke up from his sleep to give this alternative idea.
Sachin said this because his dentist had used this method to pull out his teeth when it was shaking but was not falling out.

Question 6: Each of the boys in the story has one special feature. Match the feature to the right person.

Column AColumn B
1. Pushkina. has a fair understanding of history.
2. Kiranb. has a fairly good command of English.
3. Jatinc. loves good home-made tasty food.
4. Sachind. often falls asleep.
5. Nitine. scratches his head quite often.

Answer: 1-c, 2-a, 3-e, 4-d, 5-b

Question 7: The boys think of many ideas to help Pushkin’s tooth to fall. Match the person to the idea.

Column AColumn B
1. Jatina. Must eat some of grandmother’s hard-to-bite snacks.
2. Pushkinb. teeth can be hammered out of their place.
3. Sachinc. boxing is an easy way to dislodge teeth.
4. Jatind. teeth can be pulled out using strings.

Answer: 1-c, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b

So, these were the Tooth Troubles Questions & Answers.

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