What Lucy Found There Questions & Answers

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What Lucy Found There Questions & Answers

Question 1: The Faun asked Lucy if she was ‘Daughter of Eve’, What did he mean?

Answer: When the Faun asked Lucy if she was a ‘Daughter of Eve’, he was asking her if she was a human girl-child.

Question 2: And so Lucy found herself walking through the wood arm in arm with this strange creature as if they had known one another all their lives.

(a) Who was the strange creature?

Answer: The strange creature was a Faun.

(b) Where were they going?

Answer: They were going to the Faun’s cave for tea.

(c) What does it reveal about the creature?

Answer: The Faun asked Lucy to take his arm so that he could hold the umbrella over both of them. This shows that he was really a kind and considerate being.

Question 3: The description of the Faun’s house adds to the mystery. Describe each of these in a couple of sentences.

(a) surrounding

Answer: Rough ground with rocks and little hills all about

(b) entrance

Answer: Looked like a solid rock and Lucy only noticed it was the opening to a cave at the last moment

(c) lighting

Answer: A wood fire and a lamp

(d) made of

Answer: Reddish stone

(e) books

Answer: Had unusual titles such as ‘Nymphs and Their ways’ and ‘Is Man a Myth?’

Question 4: What were the mysteries of the land that Mr Tumnus spoke about?

Answer: The Faun told Lucy tales about life in the forest. He told her that the land they were in was called Narnia. He talked about midnight dances where the Nymphs and Dryads would dance with the Fauns. He talked about hunting parties where the participants would chase the milk-white stag which could grant wishes if caught. He spoke of feasting and treasure-seeking with the wild Red Dwarfs in deep mines and caverns beneath the forest floor. He talked about summers when the woods were green and old Silenus on his fat donkey and sometimes Bacchus himself would come to visit them, and the streams would run with wine instead of water and the whole forest would celebrate for weeks at a time. He also mentioned that now it was winter all the time.

Question 5: Who was the White Witch? What did she want Mr Tumnus to do for her? How had she threatened Mr Tumnus?

Answer: The White Witch was an evil witch who ruled over Narnia. It was she who had made an eternal winter in Narnia. Mr Tumnus worked for her as a kidnapper, and she had instructed him that if he ever saw a human boy or girl in the woods, he was to catch them and bring them to her.

She had threatened Mr Tumnus that if he didn’t do as she wanted she would somehow find out and punish him by cutting his tail off, having his horns sawn off and his beard plucked out and turning his hoofs into the solid hoofs like that of a horse. If she was particularly angry, she might even turn him into stone so he would become a statue in her horrible house.

Question 6: Why was it always winter in Narnia?

Answer: It was always winter in Narnia because the white witch had cast a spell over it, so that it was always winter but never Christmas.

So, these were What Lucy Found There Questions & Answers.

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