Sammy’s Trick Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sammy’s Trick Questions & Answers.

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Sammy’s Trick Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Sammy was a naughty boy – True
2. Sammy’s mother did not like him – False
3. Sammy broke the window pane – False
4. Sammy’s mother told him to paint the fence – True
5. Monu offered candy to Sammy – True

Question 2: Who was Sammy?

Answer: Sammy was an intelligent but a naughty boy. He did not obey his mother.

Question 3: What did Sammy break?

Answer: Sammy broke a costly flower pot that his mother had bought recently.

Question 4: Did Sammy paint the fence all by himself?

Answer: Sammy did not paint the fence all by himself. He played trick on his friends and made them work for him. All the friends offered something or the other to him and painted the wall.

Question 5: What did Monu offer Sammy?

Answer: Monu offered a candy to Sammy to allow him to paint the fence.

Question 6: How many coats of paint did the fence receive?

Answer: The fence received three coats of paint.

Question 7: How did the flower pot break?

Answer: One fine evening, Sammy took a chair to climb over the almirah to pick up a flower pot. Suddenly, the chair tilted and Sammy fell down and so did the flower pot. The flower pot broke into pieces.

Question 8: What punishment did Sammy’s mother give him?

Answer: Sammy wanted to sleep longer on Sunday. However, his mother woke him up and asked him to paint the fence as a punishment.

Question 9: What did Sammy tell Monu about the work he was doing?

Answer: Sammy told Monu that it was not a work but an art and nobody gets a chance to paint a fence every day.

Question 10: Why did Sammy’s mother give him a chocolate?

Answer: Sammy’s mother was surprised at the well painted fence. She praised Sammy for doing such a good job and gave him a chocolate.

Question 11: What was Sammy doing and why was he punished?

Answer: Sammy was trying to pick up the flower pot. He was punished because he broke the flower pot.

Question 12: How did Sammy make his friends paint the fence?

Answer: Sammy told his friends that painting the fence was not a work but an art and nobody gets a chance to paint a fence every day. He played this trick on them and they all were ready to do the job for him.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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