Raoul The Owl Questions & Answers

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Raoul The Owl Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was Raoul’s problem and why was it unique?

Answer: Raoul could not see very well in the dark. The problem was unique because owls are nocturnal birds. In his family, he was the only owl who had this problem.

Question 2: When the moon was up he could dimly see the shapes of trees, but he had to fly very slowly and close to the ground. What does this tell us about Raoul?

a. Raoul could not see well in the dark.
b. Raoul could see at least a little on the nights when the moon was out.
c. He flew close to ground because he was worried he might get hurt.

Answer: a,b,c (all three)

Question 3: Raoul did not like having to wait for his brothers to feed him. Identify the words in the story that show Raoul’s feelings.

Answer: These are the lines from the lesson that show Raoul did not like his brothers feeding him:

‘Raoul hated this.’ ‘At last Raoul could not stand it any longer’. “This won’t do,” he said, firmly, to himself. “I will have to change my habits.”

Question 4: Raoul decided to sleep all night and stay wake during the day. No owl had ever done this before. How do you think Raoul thought of this idea?

Answer: Since his family slept during the day and woke up at night, Raoul decided to do the opposite. He thought that doing the opposite might work for him since doing things the normal way wasn’t helping him at all.

Question 5: How did Raoul’s family react to his decision? Pick out the words from given below to answer.

Answer: Raoul’s family was unhappy with his decision. His father and mother were very upset. Rufus, his brother, was more accepting. Other brothers taunted and teased Raoul. Raoul’s father finally accepted his decision and advised him to be a good owl always.

Question 6: At the beginning of the story, Raoul’s family did not accept Raoul. But by the end of the story, his entire family was proud of him. Why?

Answer: Raoul’s family was proud of him at the end because he had succeeded in doing well for himself. He found a solution to his problem and overcame his shortcomings, all on his own.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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