Juan Bobo’s Pot Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Juan Bobo’s Pot Questions & Answers.

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Juan Bobo’s Pot Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Juan called Juan Bobo? Do you agree with the reason?

Answer: Juan was called Juan Bobo because he was sometimes quite silly. Yes, I agree because Juan actually does silly things.

Question 2: Why did Juan not want to carry the pot home?

Answer: Juan did not want to carry the pot home because since the pot had three legs and Juan only had two legs, he thought that the pot should walk on its own.

Question 3: How did the pot finally reach Juan’s home?

Answer: When Juan got angry at the pot for not reaching his house, he kicked it hard. The pot tipped over on its side and began to roll down the hill. It rolled down all the way to Juan Bobo’s house.

Question 4: Number these sentences in the order as they appeared in the story.


…7…He kicked the pot downhill.
…4…He noticed the pot has three legs.
…6…He ran a race down the hill.
…5…He shouted at the pot. He called it a lazy pot.
…8…Juan Bobo picked up the pot and walked uphill.
…2…Juan Bobo ran outside and up the hill toward his grandmother’s house.
…3…Juan Bobo took the pot, thanked his grandmother and left.
…1…Juan Bobo’s mother invited friends for dinner.

Question 5: Juan is called ‘Bobo’ because he was silly. Here are a few statements about what Juan does in the story. Which of these are silly?

a. Juan loved chicken stew.
b. Juan thanked his grandmother.
c. Juan talked to the pot.
d. Juan asked the pot to run a race.
e. Juan kicked the pot downhill.
f. Juan lifted the pot from his grandmother’s cupboard without asking her first.
g. Juan helped his mother by bringing and returning the heavy pot.

Answer: c, d (e and f) are also acceptable.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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