A Good Deed Comes Round Questions & Answers

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A Good Deed Comes Round Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The narrator accompanied his mother in the car which was like a mobile clinic because

(a) all the essential things were kept in it
(b) it was equipped with a medical chest
(c) it was equipped with utility kits

2. The narrator helped the children while giving polio vaccine by

(a) working as a health assistant
(b) squeezing a drop of bright pink solution into each sugar lump
(c) calling them to bring the tongue out and checking whether they have swallowed the sugar lump

3. Mozambique had undergone massive destruction due to

(a) guerrilla war
(b) war and drought
(c) natural calamities

Question 2: With which vaccine did the narrator help his mother? How did he do so?

Answer: He helped with the polio vaccine for the children. The boy had a tray of sugar lumps. He would give one sugar lump to each person. Behind him came a health assistant with a bottle of vaccine. That person would squeeze a drop of the bright pink solution into each lump. Then the boy would call for ‘tongues out’. He would march down the line. He would check that the children had all swallowed the lump.

Question 3: Write a description of what the narrator observed in Rhodesia in the 1970s. What was the condition of Mozambique by 1986 when the narrator came back?

Answer: In the 1970s, the narrator observed that the war for black rule escalated in Rhodesia. The district with its long border with Mozambique was devastated. Nearly every farm was attacked. For almost ten years, humans never ventured into the vast minefield near the mountains at all.

In 1986, when the narrator came back to Mozambique, it had been battered by decades of war and famine. It was said to be the poorest country in the world. The Marxist government was itself struggling against a new generation of rebels.

Question 4: What did the narrator do in England? How did he come to Africa once again?

Answer: In England, the narrator took up journalism, and began working for the London Sunday Times. He came to Africa again to collect the proof that the Mozambique rebels had bases in neighbouring Malawi. Malawi normally banned foreign journalists. But taking advantage of a tour by Prince Charles, the narrator slipped in as a part of the official press entourage.

A Good Deed Comes Round Questions & Answers

Question 5: What happened when the narrator was taken to the base, the second day? What was the twist in the story?

Answer: When the writer was taken to the base camp, he met the rebel leader who spoke chindau, which the writer understood. The man was astonished when the writer greeted him in that language. When the leader enquired further, he came to know that the writer was the son of the doctor who had vaccinated him when he was a child. The writer as the boy had given him the sugar lumps with the polio drops.

Question 6: ‘My eyes got used to the darkness just in time to see his wide smile disappear.’ Why did the wide smile disappear? What happened next?

Answer: The smile of one of the rebels disappeared by seeing the new face of the narrator. After that the narrator was taken to the base of rebels.

Question 7: Why do you think the commander felt amazed as he was greeted by the narrator?

Answer: The commander felt amazed as he was greeted by the narrator in Chindau language. This is because this language was used only by Ndau people. After this, the commander got the introduction of narrator and he behaved with him as nicely as he had got his old friend.

Question 8: “Look now,” he said. “I grew up strong.” Why did the commander say this?

Answer: The commander said this because he wanted to tell the narrator about the positive effect of the vaccination program that was led by the narrator and his mother.

Question 9: ‘I have the photo still – a testament to the permanence of good deeds.’ What makes the narrator say this at the end of the lesson? Discuss.

Answer: In the beginning, the narrator felt that he had completely stucked among the robbers and he would be killed by them. However, when the narrator introduced himself to the commander, he behaved with the narrator as nicely as he had got his old friend. Finally, the narrator allowed to go and that is how, his good deeds saved his life.

Question 10: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.

‘In a few minutes, I had been elevated from hostage to an honoured guest.’

(a) Where was the speaker?

Answer: At that moment, the speaker was under the grip of rebels.

(b) Whom did the speaker meet there?

Answer: There, the speaker met the camp commander of the rebels.

(c) What special treatment did the speaker receive after being elevated?

Answer: The narrator was ushered to a seat at the commander’s right hand. The following day he was returned to Malawi and handed back all his items.

(d) Why was the speaker treated as an honoured guest?

Answer: He was treated as an honoured guest because he had participated in the life saver vaccination program with his mother and saved the life of these rebels as well.

So, these were A Good Deed Comes Round Questions & Answers.

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