The Pipe Lighter Questions & Answers

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The Pipe Lighter Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was Mr Smith complaining about?

Answer: Mr Smith was complaining that things were not working properly because of laziness and carelessness of people who didn’t seem to understand the meaning of work.

Question 2: Why did Mr Smith’s attitude to school differ from that of his son and his brother Thomas?

Answer: Mr Smith believed that his schooldays were the happiest days of his life whereas Thomas thought that he had a rotten time. Ernest felt that life was not pleasurable when one was at school.

Question 3: Do you think Ernest was reluctant to show his report to his father? What excuse did he offer?

Answer: Ernest reluctant to show his report to his father. His excuse was that he was waiting till after supper to show it to his father.

Question 4: Why did the boy come to Ernest’s house?

Answer: The boy came to Ernest’s house to tell Ernest about the mixing up of their report cards and to get his report card back.

Question 5: Did Ernest’s uncle believe what the boy said? Why?

Answer: Yes, uncle believed what the boy had said about the mixing up of report cards because he knew that Ernest was pretty low in the Form and he was good at Art and Woodwork. He also knew that Ernest himself suspected that the report card wasn’t actually his because of the high grade that was scored in all the subjects except Art and Woodwork.

Question 6: Why did his uncle say, “Never mind, I’m always getting into hot water?”

Answer: When Uncle Tom had lighted his pipe with the burning card, Ernest warned him about his anger. Then Uncle Tom remarked that he always used to get into trouble and so it was all right.

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