A Greener Tomorrow Questions & Answers

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A Greener Tomorrow Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Koki’s grandmother always believed

i. a treeless world would be terrible.
ii. that plants loved her father.
iii. in a scientific explanation about plants.
iv. that plants and trees would move some day.

(b) Koki’s grandmother says the banyan tree was a world in itself because it was  

i. a very large tree.
ii. a good hiding place for her.
iii. older than the house and her grandparents.
iv. populated with many insects, birds and animals.

(c) Koki’s great-grandfather planted trees in the scrubland and rocky island

i. to save a temple.
ii. for attracting animals.
iii. during the monsoon.
iv. to help grazing animals.

(d) Koki’s grandmother and great-grandfather found trees exciting because they

i. kept growing, changing and attracting animals.
ii. came to life during the monsoons.
iii. could grow anywhere, even in a dry and lonely island.
iv. would one day walk about like people.

Question 2: How did the banyan come to life during the monsoon?

Answer: During the monsoon, the banyan came to life as its branches were thick with scarlet figs and many birds like gossipy rosy-pastors, quarrelsome mynas, cheerful bulbuls, coppersmiths and sometimes a noisy bullying crow used to gather and would feast on them.

Question 3: Why did Grandmother say that monsoon was the best season to wander about?

Answer: Grandmother said that monsoon was the best season to wander about as most of the plants looked quite healthy and something new could be seen. The magic touch of summer rain brings about new life and greenery.

Question 4: What made Grandmother feel that the forest was on the move?

Answer: Grandmother felt that the forest was on the move because she noticed that new small trees, wild plants and grasses had sprung up under the protection of the old trees and her father’s dream was coming true.

Question 5: How did Koki’s great-grandfather save the peepul tree and the temple?

Answer: Koki’s great-grandfather rebuilt the temple around the tree. This way the tree was protecting the temple and the temple was protecting the tree.

Question 6: Why did Koki’s great-grandfather plant trees?

Answer: Koki’s great-grandfather planted trees not only for the earth but also for the birds and animals who live on it and need more food and shelter.  He planted trees for the mankind for keeping the desert away, for attracting rain and for preventing the banks of rivers from being washed away.

Question 7: What did Koki’s grandmother find when she came back after twenty years.

Answer: When Koki’s grandmother came back after twenty years, she found that in contrast to the dry river bed, the island was a small green paradise. She noticed a number of parrots living in the trees, a small spotted deer and a wild pheasant as well.

Question 8: At the height of the monsoon, the banyan tree was like an orchestra. Why does Koki say this? Who were the ‘musicians’ in this orchestra? List the other sounds and calls Koki might have heard?

Answer: Koki says that the banyan tree was like an orchestra because a band of willing artists, the tree crickets start singing at almost any time of the say. The tree crickets and cicadas were the ‘musicians’ in this orchestra. Koki might have heard the sounds of bulbuls, mynas, papiha, coppersmiths and crows.

Question 9: It was like touching the hands of old friends. What was like touching the hands of old friends? Why?

Answer: When the grandmother ran her hands over the barks of the trees, if felt like touching the hands of old friends. She felt so because after twenty years, she took the same path which she and her father used to take.

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