The Pool Questions & Answers

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The Pool Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe the author’s friends, Anil and Somi.

Answer: Anil was wild and a little dangerous, subject to sudden changes of moods and impulses. Somi, on the other hand, was sensitive and gentle in his ways. However, in common with Anil, he had a sense of fun and an instinct for adventure.

Question 2: Why do you think the author was proud of discovering the pool?

Answer: The author was proud of discovering the pool as all the three friends were adventurous and now, he could enjoy the adventures like fishing, swimming, etc. with them.

Question 3: What did the three friends do to catch the silver fish from the stream?

Answer: At first, they tried to catch the fish with a line but the fishes soon learnt the art of taking the bait without being caught on the hook. Then, they procured a bedsheet and stretched it across one end of the stream but the fish wouldn’t come near it. Finally, Anil brought a stick of gunpowder and with a flash across the water and a deafening explosion, they got a good supply of fish.

Question 4: What were the other activities that the friends did near the pool?

Answer: Other activities that the friends did near the pool included wrestling and buffalo-rides. They wrestled on a strip of sand and rode on a couple of buffaloes. They sat on the buffaloes and kick and yell and urge them forward but they were unable to move them. The buffaloes would roll over on their backs, taking the boys with them into the soft mud. And then the boys dive into the pool to wash off the mess.

Question 5: “I think it was the pool that brought us together more than anything else.” Elaborate.

Answer: All the three friends were adventurous. Anil was wild, moody and impulsive. Somi, on other hand, was gentle but he too, like Anil has a sense of fun. They indulged in activities like fishing, swimming, wrestling and buffalo rides. All three friends liked to have fun and the pool brought them together. It became a part of their consciousness. They enjoyed a lot at the pool.

Question 6: “The stream had changed its course, just as we had changed ours.” Explain.

Answer: The author visited the pool after four yearsbuthe could not find the pool there. He found the ravine and the bed of shingle, but there was no water. The stream had changed its course.

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