The Cane Bottom’d Chair Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by William Makepeace Thackeray. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Pool, A Greener Tomorrow and What Makes Me Indian so, you can check these posts as well.

The Cane Bottom’d Chair Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the ‘snug little kingdom’ of the poet?

Answer: The ‘snug little Kingdome’ of the poet is his room at the top floor of the house.

Question 2: Describe in your own words the poet’s favourite place.

Answer: The favourite place of the poet is a room which can be reached after climbing four pairs of stairs. The fire in the fireplace there is bright and cheerful, and the air is unpolluted. On a sunny day, it offers a grand view of the city. It is crammed with books and cheap keepsakes from his friends. But the most precious of all things in the room is an old cane-bottomed chair which holds special memories for the poet as his beloved Fanny used to sit there. Though it is hard to climb up so many flights of stairs but it is worth the effort.

Question 3: What thing does the poet cherish the most in this place? Why?

Answer: He cherishes an old cane-bottomed chair the most in this place. The poet’s beloved Fanny used to sit in this chair, and since then he has valued the chair like a shrine of a saint or throne of a prince.

Question 4: How does the poet imagine Fanny in the cane bottomed chair?

Answer: The poet imagines that his beloved Fanny is sitting in the cane-bottomed chair looking as she did when she was young and alive. With her smiling face, rose in her hair and scarf around her neck, she looks beautiful and fresh.

Question 5: Whose company does the poet have when his friends have left?

Answer: When the poet’s friends have left him, he has the company of his beloved Fanny. He imagines her sitting in the cane-bottomed chair, smiling tenderly at him, and looking as fresh and beautiful as she did when she was alive.

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