A Hero Questions & Answers

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A Hero Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

(a) Father did not like Swami…………

i. Sleeping in the office room.
ii. Sleeping beside his granny.
iii. Joining the cricket club.

(b) The newspaper report made Swami’s father challenge him to…….

i. sleep alone in the office room
ii. fight with a tiger
iii. catch the burglar

(c) A frightful proposition according to Swami was…………..

i. sleeping beside granny
ii. sleeping in the office room alone
iii. fighting with a tiger

(d) Swami decided to sleep under the bench because……………..

i. it was very cool.
ii. it was safe and compact
iii. to bite a burglar.

(e) The important thing according to Swami’s father was……….

i. strength
ii. courage
iii. age

Question 2: According to Swami’s father, what habit of sleeping was disgraceful?

Answer: Sleeping beside granny was disgraceful according to Swami’s father.

Question 3: Why did Swami’s father want him to sleep alone in the office room?

Answer: Swami’s father wanted him to sleep alone in the office room to prove his courage and cultivate courageous habits.

A Hero Questions & Answers

Question 4: How did Swami react when his father challenged him to sleep alone in the office room?

Answer: Swami tried to change the subject matter by telling about the cricket club and made some desperate attempts to escape from his father.

Question 5: Though Swami was not courageous, he became a hero overnight. How?

Answer: Swami became a hero overnight by catching one of the most notorious hose breaker of the district.

Question 6: Why did Swami feel that his father’s proposition was frightful?

Answer: Swami felt so because he always used to sleep beside his granny and any change in this arrangement keeps him awake all the night.

Question 7: Swami’s father drew his attention to a report in the newspaper. What was the report about?

Answer: The newspaper report was about the brave boy who fought with a tiger. For half a day, he stayed on the tree till some people came and killed the tiger.

Question 8: There was absolute silence in the room. In spite of it, some noises reached Swami’s ears. What were they?

Answer: Those noises were the tickling of the clock, rustle of trees, snoring sound and some night insects humming.

A Hero Questions & Answers

Question 9: How was Swami honoured by his classmates, teacher and the headmaster?

Answer: Swami’s classmates looked at him with respect and his teacher patted his back. According to the headmaster, Swami was a true scout.

Question 10: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Why don’t you join the police when you are grown up?

(a) Who gave this suggestion?

Answer: The inspector gave this suggestion.

(b) Why did he give this suggestion?

Answer: He gave this suggestion because he thinks that Swami was a brave boy.

(c) In his later life, what did the listener actually want to become?

Answer: The listener actually wanted to become an engine driver, railway guard or bus conductor in his later life.

Question 11: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Leave alone strength. Can you prove you have courage?

(a) Who asked this question?

Answer: Swami’s father asked this question.

(b) Did Swami accept this challenge?

Answer: No, Swami didn’t accept this challenge.

(c) Why didn’t Swami accept the challenge?

Answer: Swami didn’t accept this challenge because it was a frightful proposition for him.

Question 12: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Aiyo, something has bitten me”.

(a) Who cried this?

Answer: The burglar cried.

(b) Why did he cry?

Answer: The burglar cried because Swami caught his leg and bit him with his teeth.

(c) Who was the speaker?

Answer: The speaker was one of the most notorious house breakers of the district.

A Hero Questions & Answers

Question 13: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Your office room is very dusty and there may be scorpions behind your law books”.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Swami is the speaker.

(b) Why did the speaker complain?

Answer: It was a trick to escape from his father.

(c) Why did the father want him to sleep in his office room?

Answer: The father wanted him to sleep in his office room to make him courageous or to prove his courage.

Question 14: Read the line and answer the questions:

It is disgraceful sleeping beside his granny or mother.

(a) Who made this statement?

Answer: Swami’s father made this statement.

(b) Who slept beside granny or mother?

Answer: Swami slept beside his granny.

(c) Why did he sleep beside her?

Answer: He used to sleep beside her because he was afraid of sleeping alone.

Question 15: What desperate attempts did Swami make to escape from his father?

Answer: Swami told his father that he would sleep alone from the first of the next month. But his father did not agree. Swami then went to sleep near his granny, pulled the blanket over his face and pretended to be fast asleep. However, his father soon came there and pulled him out of bed. He also said that the office room is quite dusty and there may be scorpions. But, Swami’s desperate attempts failed.

Question 16: Narrate Swami’s dreadful experience when he was lying under the bench.

Answer: Swami crept under the bench, shut his eyes light and covered himself with the blanket. Soon, he fell asleep and began to have a nightmare that a tiger was chasing him and he could not escape from its claws. With a desperate effort, he opened his eyes. As he lay in fright, he heard a rustling sound. He tried to look out in the darkness and saw something moving. He felt that it was the devil who would surely attack him. He crawled from the bench, caught hold of the figure and bit it hard to save himself.

Question 17: A report about a boy in the newspaper was an unexpected event in Swami’s life. Justify.

Answer: The newspaper carried a report about a village lad who had fought bravely against a tiger, while he was returning home by the jungle path. Swami argued that a boy could not fight a tiger. It had to be a strong, grown –up person. His father disagreed saying that courage was more important. Swami was not ready to accept this. His father then challenged him to show his courage by sleeping alone in the office that night. While Swami was sleeping there, he saw a dark figure. Believing it to be the devil. Swami dug his teeth into its leg. It turned out to be a notorious burglar whose loud cry brought others to the scene. The burglar was caught and Swami became a hero overnight.

So, these were A Hero Questions & Answers.

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