The Pterodactyl’s Egg Questions & Answers

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The Pterodactyl’s Egg Questions & Answers

Word Meanings

  • Pterodactyl – A kind of flying animal lived in the time of dinosaurs
  • Contraption – strange looking machine
  • Contemptuously – without respect
  • Slung – hung loosely
  • See the light – understand
  • Catch – hidden problem
  • Realm – a particular area of science, imagination and so on
  • Jetty – landing stage built out into the water
  • Anticipation – looking forward to something with hope
  • Swoop – move down through the air very fast or attack suddenly

Question 1: Where was Badan Babu sitting and why?

Answer: Baban Babu was sitting by the riverside because he needed a quiet place where he could sit after work and think of interesting stories to tell his son, Biltu.

Question 2: How did Badan Babu’s feelings towards the stranger change from irritation to interest?

Answer: At first, Badan Babu felt irritated to see the stranger because he wanted to sit alone in peace. But as the stranger started talking to him about experiments and time-travelling, it drew Badan Babu’s attention to his strange-looking machine and he began to feel interested in him.

Question 3: What was common between HG Wells’ story and the stranger’s? What was different?

Answer: The common between HG wells’ story and the stranger’s story is that in both the stories, a man travels into the future with the help of a machine. The difference between the stories is that HG wells’ story is only a story and the stranger’s story is talking of real life, his own experience, his own machine.

The Pterodactyl’s Egg Questions & Answers

Question 4: Where, according to the stranger, had he been with the help of his machine? What did he see there?

Answer: According to the stranger, he had been to the future, to the thirtieth century. When he walked along a huge road and was almost run over by a weird looking vehicle. He had also been to the past and seen dinosaurs, stegosaurus and Pterodactyl.

Question 5: Read the line and answer the following questions:

‘His hear stool still’?

(a) Who is being referred to here?

Answer: Badan Babu is being referred to here.

(b) Why did his heart stand still?

Answer: His heart stood still when he realized that his wallet was not in his pocket.

(c) What did he understand?

Answer: He understood that the stranger had stolen his wallet, while his eyes were closed.

Question 6: Complete the table about Badan Babu’s character.

i. a. Badan Babu was a simple-minded person.i. b.
ii. a.ii. b. He regularly made up stories to tell his son and he was curious about what the stranger had seen in the past and in the future.
iii. a. Badan Babu was a loving father.iii. b.

i. b. He believed the stranger’s story about time travel.
ii. a. Badan Babu was an imaginative person.
iii. b. He was anxious to think of good stories to tell his son. He did not even mind losing money because he thought that the experience he had would help him think of interesting stories for Biltu.

The Pterodactyl’s Egg Questions & Answers

Question 7: This story is about the power and importance of storytelling. Explain how storytelling plays a role in the beginning, the middle and the end of the text.

Answer: In the beginning, Badan Babu comes to the riverside because he wants to think of better stories to tell his son. Thus, the importance of good storytelling begins the chain of events. When he meets the stranger, Badan Babu gets irritated first but then, he becomes interested in the stranger because he tells him a fantastic story about time travel.

So, the text moves forwards – because of the power of storytelling, the stranger is able to trick Badan Baby by telling his story cleverly. Badan Babu was so impressed that he even tries to travel in time and that is how the stranger manages to steal his wallet.

Finally, the text ends with the importance of storytelling again as Badan Babu decides to use his unfortunate experience to make up good stories for his son.

Question 8: It was better to be safe than sorry, when and why did Badan Babu think this? Was he right in being cautious?

Answer: Badan Babu thought this when the stranger approached him at the riverside. He did not know if the stranger was ‘slightly mad’ or if he was just a pickpocket who was likely to steal Badan Babu’s salary, which he had received that day. Yes, he was right in being cautious as in the end, the stranger did steal his wallet.

Question 9: Surely that was worth atleast fifty-five rupees and thirty-two paise? What is referred to as ‘that’? Do you think it was worth the money?

Answer: ‘That’ refers to Biltu’s happiness. Badan Babu thought that his experience that day would help him make up interesting stories for biltu and please him. He felt that he would not mind the loss of the money if his experience helped to make his son happy. Yes, Biltu’s happiness was worth the money.

So, these were The Pterodactyl’s Egg Questions & Answers.

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