A Letter To God Important Questions & Answers

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A Letter To God Important Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Lencho live?

Answer: Lencho lived in a house that was located at the crest of a low hill. From that height, the river and the field of ripe corn dotted with flowers could be seen. His house was the only one in the entire valley.

Question 2: Explain: “knew his fields intimately.”

Answer: This statement means that Lencho was an intelligent farmer and was adept in farming skills.

Question 3: Why did Lencho say “A plague of locusts would have left more than this.”

Answer: Lencho said this because he was extremely sad and disappointed to see his entire field of ripe corn with its flowers ruined by the hailstorm.

Question 4: Why did Lencho see the sky towards north-east the entire morning?

Answer: Lencho saw the sky towards north-east the entire morning expecting rain. This is because the corn in his field was almost ripe and was dotted with flowers. This was a promise of a good harvest but only if there was some downpour or at least a shower.

Question 5: Why did Lencho go out of his house when it started raining?

Answer: Lencho had been awaiting rain for a long time so, when it started raining, he went out of his house as the prospect of a rich harvest left him excited and he wanted to feel the pleasure of rain on his body.

Question 6: “It’s really getting bad now”. What according to Lencho, was getting bad?

Answer: According to Lencho, the weather was getting bad because soon, the rain was accompanied by a strong wind. This wind brought in large hailstones that were as big as new silver coins and threatened to ruin his crop.

Question 7: How did Lencho’s family members try to console him after the crops were damaged?

Answer: The family members tried to console Lencho by telling him that no one died of hunger. They comforted him by asking him not to get upset even though it seemed like a total loss.

Question 8: Why did the people in the ‘solitary house’ look for hope?

Answer: Lencho’s family looked for hope because they were faced with the threat of hunger as they had lost the entire crop of ripe corn to hailstorm.

A Letter To God Important Questions & Answers

Question 9: What was Lencho’s only hope?

Answer: Lencho’s only hope was ‘the help of God’. He believed that God’s eyes have the power to see everything. His eyes could see even what is deep in one’s conscience.

Question 10: What were the contents of Lencho’s first letter to God?

Answer: In his first letter, he told God that if He will not help him, his entire family would go hungry that year. He then asked Him to send a hundred pesos to sow his field again and live on it till the next harvest.

Question 11: What did Lencho do to make sure that his letter reached God?

Answer: Lencho carried the letter himself to town and addressed the envelope “To God”, put the letter inside it, placed a stamp on the letter and dropped it into the mailbox. This all he did to make sure that his letter reached God.

Question 12: How did the employees at the post office react on seeing Lencho’s letter?

Answer: To see Lencho’s letter addressed to God, the postmaster and his employees were shocked. They found it very amusing and started to laugh heartily after reading it. However, the postmaster immediately got serious and admired the man’s strong faith. The idea of starting a correspondence with God fascinated him.

Question 13: How much money was the postmaster able to collect for Lencho? Why?

Answer: The amount requested by Lencho in his letter to God was hundred pesos which was difficult for the postmaster to gather together. After giving a part of his salary and taking money from his friends ‘for an act of charity’, he could collect only seventy pesos. Therefore, he sent only seventy pesos to Lencho.

Question 14: Why did Lencho visit the post office on consecutive Sundays?

Answer: On the first Sunday, Lencho visited the post office to post the letter to God. The next Sunday, he went there very confidently to receive God’s letter in reply to his own letter.

Question 15: What did Lencho write in his second letter to God?

Answer: In his second letter, he made a request to God for sending the remaining thirty pesos. He also requested God not to send the amount through the mail as the employees there were a bunch of crooks who had stolen his money.

Question 16: Why did Lecho call the post office employees a ‘bunch of crooks’?

Answer: Lencho believed that the post office employees had stolen thirty pesos out of the hundred sent to him by God. According to him, God could neither have made the mistake of sending less money, nor could He have denied his request so, he called the post office employees a ‘bunch of crooks’.

Question 17: There are two kinds of conflicts in the story – between humans and nature and between humans themselves. How are these conflicts illustrated?

Answer: The story opens with a conflict between humans and nature which is illustrated when the hailstorm completely destroys Lencho’s crops. Lencho waited for a downpour to seal the prospects of a very good harvest. However, nature, in its vicious mood, came in direct conflict with him at this time. Caused due the hostile nature, Lencho witnessed the ruin of his labour.

The second conflict between the humans, is illustrated when Lencho accuses the post office employees as dishonest and calls them a ‘bunch of crooks’ in his second letter to God. He doubts their integrity and fails to see their act of charity. This conflict is the outcome of mistrust of one man with another. Nature is more powerful than man, so human beings accept defeat in case of a conflict with a superior power. However, they resent a situation where the conflict is with another human being who is equally strong.

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