A Letter To God Questions & Answers

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‘A Letter To God’ by G.L Fuentes is a story of a poor farmer named Lencho, who has an undeviating faith in God.

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A Letter To God Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Lencho hope for?

Answer: Lencho hoped for a spell of rain that was much needed for a good harvest.

Question 2: Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like ‘new coins’?

Answer: Lencho compared the raindrops with ‘new coins’ because these raindrops were round, shining and precious like coins. Besides, like coins, they were expected to bring him the wealth of a good harvest of corn. So, he compared the big drops to the ten cent pieces and the little ones to the five cent pieces.

Question 3: How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho’s fields?

Answer: Soon, the storm that began with a light drizzle turned violent. Strong winds began to blow and were accompanied by large hailstones.  The hailstones that resembled ‘new silver coins’, rained on the house, the garden, the hillside, the cornfield and the valley for an hour. They covered the field like a sheet of white salt. Not a leaf remained on the trees and the corn in the field was completely destroyed. The flowers too had gone from the plants.

Question 4: What were Lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped?

Answer: When the hail had stopped, Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness. He looked at his completely destroyed cornfield helplessly and exclaimed that even the locusts wouldn’t have ruined the crops to such an extent. He also said that in the absence of the harvest, the entire family would have to starve that year.

Question 5: Who or what did Lencho have faith in? What did he do?

Answer: Lencho had firm faith in God. He believed that God sees everything, even what is deep in one’s conscience. He wrote a letter to God demanding him a hundred pesos to sow his field again and to live until the crop comes.

Question 6: Who read the letter?

Answer: The postmaster read the letter.

A Letter To God Questions & Answers

Question 7: What did the postmaster do then?

Answer: To see a letter addressed to God, the postmaster was deeply moved. He marvelled at the sensitivity of the idea to start up a correspondence with God. So, in order not to shake the writer’s strong faith in God, he decided to answer it.

Question 8: Was Lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money in it?

Answer: Lencho was not surprised to find a letter with money from God because he believed that God will reply to this letter, help him and send him the money.

Question 9: What made him angry?

Answer: Lencho was angry on finding just seventy pesos enclosed in the letter. He felt that God could neither have made a mistake nor could have denied his request. He suspected that the dishonest post office employees must have stolen the missing amount.

Question 10: How did the postmaster help Lencho?
What did the postmaster resolve to do after reading Lencho’s letter? How did he fulfill it?

Answer: After reading Lencho’s letter, the kind-hearted postmaster understood that to answer it he needed more than goodwill. So, he resolved to keep Lencho’s faith intact. To fulfill this resolve, he collected money from his friends and contributed a part of his salary as well to be sent to Lencho on God’s behalf.

Question 11: Why did Lencho decide to write a second letter to God?

Answer: Lencho was angry to find just seventy pesos enclosed in God’s reply. Suspecting the dishonesty of the post office people, he decided to write a second letter to God asking for the rest of the amount.

Question 12: Why did the postmaster send money to Lencho? Why did he sign the letter as ‘God’?

Answer: One day, one of the post office employees brought a strange letter to the postmaster which was addressed to God seeking help of a hundred pesos. The postmaster got touched by the depth of the man’s strong faith in God and he did not want this faith to be shaken at any cost. So, he took upon himself the task of assuring Lencho that God existed and helped those who believed in Him. He collected money from his friends and contributed a part of his salary as well to be sent to Lencho on God’s behalf. He enclosed this money with a letter that was to be sent as God’s response. So, the postmaster simply wrote a single word ‘God’ in this letter. He did so because he wanted Lencho to believe that the letter with which the money was enclosed was written by God himself.

Question 13: Did Lencho try to find out who had sent the money to him? Why/ Why not?

Answer: Lencho was confident that the money had been sent to him by God so, he did not try to find out who had sent the money to him. Lencho had firm faith in God and he believed that God can see everything, even the inner most thoughts of a person. Besides, God was his only hope and he did not know who else to approach in his trying times. Thus, he did not doubt even once that the seventy pesos could have been sent by anyone else.

Moreover, his experience about human help had not been good. This becomes evident from the fact that even his family talks of hope only from God. Quite likely, Lencho had distrust for human beings with regard to money matters. That’s why when he writes to God the second time, he tells Him not to send the remaining money through the dishonest post office employees.

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