Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ.

‘A Letter To God’ by G.L Fuentes is a story of a poor farmer named Lencho, who has an undeviating faith in God.

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Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ

1. Where was Lencho’s house situated?

(a) top of a hill
(b) bottom of the hill
(c) in a city
(d) top of a plateau

2. Lencho’s house can be described as?

(a) Nice-looking
(b) Solitary
(c) Magnificent
(d) Peculiar

3. According to Lencho, what was the only thing that the earth needed?

(a) sunlight
(b) a snowfall
(c) a shower
(d) strong winds

4. Which crop was growing on Lencho’s fields?

(a) rice
(b) wheat
(c) barley
(d) corn

5. The field of corn dotted with flowers means that:

(a) the flowers were scattered across.
(b) the flowers had shrunk in size.
(c) not a single flower was bigger than a dot.
(d) the flowers were shaped like dots.

6. Why was Lencho satisfied?

(a) On seeing the field of ripe corn with flowers.
(b) On seeing a new buffalo.
(c) On seeing a new tractor in his field.
(d) None of the Above

7. Where did Lencho expect the downpour to come from?

(a) North
(b) South
(c) North-East
(d) South-East

8. What was seen approaching in the North-East?

(a) Nanoscopic clouds
(b) Tiny mountains of clouds
(c) Huge mountains of clouds
(d) Small mountains of clouds

Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ

9. What did Lencho compare the large raindrops with?

(a) pearls
(b) new coins
(c) silver coins
(d) diamonds

10. Why were the raindrops referred to as ‘new coins’?

(a)The white field gave the impression of money raindrops being silver in colour.
(b) They resembled coins to a great extent.
(c) Lencho thought that the raindrops would help him get good harvest and thus would help him earn.
(d) All of these

11. In the line, ‘The boys, exposing themselves to the rain, ran out to collect the frozen pearls. What is being referred to as ‘Frozen Pearls’?

(a) Ripe corn
(b) The boys
(c) Flowers
(d) Hailstones

12. Lencho compared the quantum of damage with

(a) plague of locusts
(b) attack by crows
(c) attack by rats
(d)None of the above

13. The field looked as if it were covered in _______.

(a) locusts
(b) salt
(c) ice
(d) sugar

14. ‘An ox of a man’ means..

(a) Lazy like an ox
(b) Works hard like an ox
(c) Inspiring like an ox
(d) Reliable like an ox

15. What was the only hope left in the hearts of Lencho’s family?

(a) there was no hope left
(b) help from God
(c) help from farmer’s association
(d) help from his friend

16. How did Lencho decide to contact his last resort?

(a) through e-mail
(b) through fax
(c) by visiting personally
(d) through a letter

Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ

17. Why did Lencho need money?

(a) To buy an ox.
(b) To buy a new phone.
(c) To save his family from hunger
(d) To buy a tractor

18. Lencho’s older boys were?

(a) Working in the house.
(b) Working in the field.
(c) Dancing in the rain.
(d) None of the above.

19. Lencho’s younger boys were?

(a) Working in the garden.
(b) Working in the field.
(c) Playing near the house.
(d) Playing near the field.

20. Lencho started writing the letter on?

(a) Sunday morning.
(b) Sunday afternoon.
(c) Monday morning.
(d) Monday afternoon.

21. What was the immediate reaction of the postman on seeing the letter?

(a) felt sad about what happened
(b) cried
(c) laughed whole-heartedly
(d) felt empathetic

22. How much money did Lencho ask for?

(a) 10 pesos
(b) 100 pesos
(c) 500 pesos
(d) 1000 pesos

23. On seeing the letter, the postmaster was moved by Lencho’s_______.

(a) love for God
(b) handwriting
(c) unwavering faith
(d) determination

24. What made postmaster to collect money and help Lencho?

(a) Postman’s request
(b) Lencho’s poor condition
(c) Lencho’s unwavering faith in God
(d) Lencho’s demands in the letter

Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ

25. What else did the reply demanded apart from good will, ink and paper?

(a) money
(b) new seeds
(c) lost crop
(d) God’s signature

26. Lencho was not surprised to see the money in the envelope as…….

(a) Lencho had no expectations beforehand.
(b) Lencho was surprised but could not show it.
(c) Lencho knew that somebody from the office would help him.
(d) He had extreme faith in God that God will send him money.

27. Who all contributed money to help Lencho?

(a) Postmaster
(b) Postmaster’s friends
(c) Post office employees
(d) All of the above

28. How much money was the postmaster able to arrange?

(a) 70 pesos
(b) 100 pesos
(c) 500 pesos
(d) 1000 pesos

29. How much more money did Lencho require?

(a) 70 pesos
(b) 100 pesos
(c) Thirty percent of total amount needed
(d) 1000 pesos

30. What was strange about Lencho’s letter?

(a) Lencho’s address
(b) Receiver’s address
(c) The envelope
(d) The letter

31. Who placed a stamp on the letter?

(a) The postman
(b) The postmaster
(c) Lencho
(d) Lencho’s son

32. Why did Lencho consider the post office employees as crooks?

(a) He believed that the rest of his money was stolen by post-office employees.
(b) For giving him only seventy pesos.
(c) For playing prank on him.
(d) For reading his letter without taking his permission.

Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ

33. “But don’t send it to me through the mail because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks? What does this tell about Lencho?

(a) He had extreme faith in God.
(b) He believed that humanity cannot exist.
(c) He was greedy.
(d) He hates human beings.

34. Whom did Lencho write the second letter?

(a) A letter to his friend
(b) A letter to the postmaster
(c) A letter to God.
(d) A letter to his parents.

35. When Lencho received the second letter, what was the postmaster experiencing?

(a) Contentment
(b) Proud
(c) Surprising
(d) Dejection

36. What is the irony in this lesson?

(a) Postmaster laughed at Lencho but still helped arrange money for him.
(b) Lencho was sad after the hailstorm even though he was the one waiting for a shower.
(c) Lencho blamed the post office employees who in fact helped him.
(d) There is no irony.

37. What words describe Lencho as a person?

(a) Hard-working, Theist, Naive
(b) Hard-working, Atheist, Naive
(c) Religious, cunning, optimistic
(d) Innocent, literate, atheist

38. What type of conflict does the chapter highlight?

(a) conflict among humans
(b) conflict between nature and humans
(c) conflict among God and nature
(d) both (a) and (b)

So, these were Class 10 A Letter To God MCQ.

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