A Little Princess Questions & Answers

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A Little Princess Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why is Sara called a princess?

Answer: Sara is called a princess because her father is wealthy and she gets special treatment at the boarding school. She has gentle manners and is a polite girl, even to the scullery maid.

Question 2: From Miss Minchin’s early comments and actions, what impression do you get of her?

Answer: We realize that she has a class bias and cares only for money. Sara is given all the preference because she is rich and the poor scullery maid is treated as nothing more than scum.

Question 3: What feelings did Sara experience just before and during Miss Minchin’s speech?

Answer: Sara was uncomfortable before the speech as she felt that the speech would be about her. During Miss Minchin’s speech, when she talked about money, Sara felt that she hated her.

Question 4: What do we learn about Sara’s character from this story?

Answer: Sara was a tender-hearted girl as she was kind even to the scullery maid. She did not like being talked about which shows that she was humble. She disliked talking about money so, she was not a snob.

Question 5: What prophetic remark does Lavinia make about Sara?

Answer: When Sara was imagining and supposing that she was like a fairy, Lavinia told her to pretend that she was a beggar. This was the prophetic remark about Sara as it soon comes true.

Question 6: Do you think Sara would have been able to handle life as a pauper? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, Sara would have been able to handle life as a pauper because she had earlier, in the lesson, said that if she were a beggar, she would have to pretend and suppose all the time till whatever she wished for seemed real.

Question 7: Which words, phrases and ideas in the story tell us that this was written a long time ago?

Answer: The following tell us that the story was written long ago. ‘When her dear Papa, Captain Crewe, brought her from India and gave her in my care.’ ‘Becky is the scullery maid …’ ‘Died of jungle fever …’

Question 8: Do you think Miss Minchin’s attitude towards Sara would have changed after learning of her father’s death? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I think that Miss Minchin’s attitude towards Sara would change because she was attentive to her because her father was a rich man. She was inwardly jealous of Sara’s wealth because she could afford the luxuries that other girls could not. Since Sara’s father was dead, she would no longer enjoy these luxuries.

Question 9: Explain what is meant by the italicized words in the following:

(a) ‘Miss Minchin was betrayed into something like a small jump.’

Answer: Miss Minchin was unconsciously forced to give a small startle as she was usually quite calm and composed.

(b) ‘It really had not occurred to her to think of them in that light.’

Answer: She had not thought of them like that. According to her, girls were little girls irrespective of their social standing.

(c) ‘Becky, who was not expected to partake of refreshments, had the indiscretion to linger a moment to look at these beauties.’

Answer: Becky was foolish enough to have lingered a moment.

(d) ‘Miss Minchin drew herself up even more rigidly.’

Answer: Miss Minchin gathered and made herself even more stiff.

(e) ‘Diamond mines spell ruin oftener than they spell wealth.’

Answer: Diamond mines are the cause of ruin more often than the cause of wealth.

(f) ‘She heard Miss Minchin approaching, and, being smitten with terror at the thought of being accused of taking liberties, she rashly darted under the table.’

Answer: She was so terrified at the thought that she would be charged of committing the offence of taking the privilege (of admiring the presents) that she rapidly dashed under the table.

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