Matilda Who Told Lies Questions & Answers

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Matilda Who Told Lies Questions & Answers

Question 1: How do we learn that the Aunt thought Matilda was a difficult child?

Answer: We learn that the Aunt thought Matilda was a difficult child because her attempt to believe Matilda very nearly killed her; but she soon discovered Matilda’s ‘infirmity’.

Question 2: Which word does the poet use to describe Matilda’s habit of telling lies?

Answer: The poet uses the word ‘infirmity’ to describe Matilda’s habit of telling lies.

Question 3: What made Matilda summon the fire-brigades?

Answer: The fact that she was bored and had no company or any adult around her at that time tempted her to summon the fire-brigades and play a practical joke.

Question 4: What is meant by ‘took Peculiar Pains to Souse’?

Answer: It means that they put in a lot of effort and went through great difficulties to drench the house and put the fire out with their hoses.

Question 5: How was Matilda punished?

Answer: Matilda was punished by not being allowed to go with Aunt to the Theatre to watch the play.

Question 6: Why did Matilda have to ‘obtain’ the confidence of people? Did she succeed?

Answer: Matilda had to ‘obtain’ the confidence of people because no one believed her cries to be true as she had cried wolf once and fooled the people and the fire-brigade. No, she did not succeed in gaining their confidence and was burned to death.

Question 7: What lesson does this poem teach us?

Answer: This poem teaches us that one should always speak the truth and refrain from telling lies or crying wolf. Otherwise, people will not believe you when you really want them to.

Question 8: Is there a rhyming pattern in the poem?

Answer: The poem, with fifty lines and rhyming couplets, has the rhyming pattern of AABBCCDD.

Question 9: Write the couplets that do not rhyme.

Answer: Couplets which do not rhyme are:

Attempted to Believe Matilda:
The effort very nearly killed her
They ran their ladders through a score
Of windows on the Ball Room Floor;

Question 10: What is the main message of the poem?

Answer: The main message of this poem is that it is always best to tell the truth and refrain from lying at all times. One should especially avoid lies and jokes in matters involving the fire-brigade or the police. Moreover, repeated lies can create a vicious circle of deceit that eventually catches up with us. Lying incessantly can also be harmful for our reputation; no one will believe us or try to help us in times of need. However, I do not think Aunt’s punishment was a suitable one, as she was left unsupervised and could have played another practical joke easily.

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