A Westward Journey To India Questions & Answers

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A Westward Journey To India Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Xuanzang’s companions decide to turn back and not travel with him to India?

Answer: When Xuanzang’s companions heard that the route to India was a difficult one and the guards could shoot them with bows and arrows, they decided to turn back.

Question 2: What did Xuanzang do when he returned to China after staying in India for thirteen years?

Answer: After he returned to China in 645 CE, Xuanzang translated several valuable books that he had brought from India. His translations are still read and studied today.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

“My horse knows the way well,” said the man. “Take him.”

(a) Who is the speaker? Who is he speaking to?

Answer: The speaker is an old man and he is speaking to Xuanzang.

(b) What did the old man give him?

Answer: The old man gave him his horse.

(c) How did the old man help Xuanzang?

Answer: The old man exchanged his horse with Xuanzang’s as his horse knew the way.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

“I am a monk from the capital. Please do not shoot me.”

(a) Who is the speaker and who did he ask not to shoot him?

Answer: The speaker is Xuanzang and he asked the guards from the watchtower not to shoot him.

(b) What did the soldiers do?

Answer: The guards surrounded him and took him to their commander.

(c) What did the commander ask Xuanzang to do?

Answer: The commander pleaded Xuanzang to go back, but the monk did not agree.

Question 5: Describe the western route that Xuanzang had to travel in order to reach India?

Answer: Xuanzang had to cross river Hu-lu which could not be crossed in a boat as its water flowed at a great speed. So, he had to cross it where it was narrow. Beyond the river were five watchtowers with guards in them. The guards had bows and arrows. Between the towers was land with no water and beyond them lay the desert.

Question 6: How do we know that the commander had respect for Xuanzang?

Answer: Instead of punishing Xuanzang, the commander gave him some food and water and a letter for his cousin who was a commander in the next watchtower, to make his journey easier.

Question 7: But this proved to be a miracle.’ What was the miracle and how did it help Xuanzang?

Answer: Xuanzang’s horse happened to take a wrong turn and they discovered a big patch of green grass in the middle of the desert. This green grass had grown due to the spring which he had been looking for.

Question 8: Xuanzang was a brave and determined man and he crossed many hurdles to reach India. What were the hurdles he crossed?

Answer: To reach India, Xuanzang crossed a river where the flow of water was so rapid that he could not cross it by boat. Beyond the river were five watchtowers with guards who had bows and arrows to shoot those who tried to leave. The monk then had to travel across a desert called the River of Sand where there were no landmarks. In the end, he crossed the great snowy mountains, piled with ice which did not melt even in summer.

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