Adventures of Isabel Questions & Answers

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Adventures of Isabel Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Isabel do before she ate the bear?

Answer: Isabel washed her hands and straightened her hair up before she ate the bear.

Question 2: What did the witch look like?

Answer: The witch’s face was cross and wrinkled, and she did not have many teeth.

Question 3: How did Isabel deal with the witch?

Answer: Isabel turned the witch into milk and drank her.

Question 4: What did the giant want to do to Isabel?

Answer: The giant wanted to grind Isabel’s bones (into fine powder, like flour) to make his bread.

Question 5: What was Isabel doing during her meeting with the giant?

Answer: She was eating zwieback (a type of bread).

Question 6: What did the doctor want Isabel to do?

Answer: The doctor wanted Isabel to swallow some pills.

Question 7: How did Isabel deal with the doctor?

Answer: Isabel ‘cured the doctor’ – presumably by making him eat his own pills.

Question 8: Do all the characters that Isabel meets behave in the way that you would expect them to?

Answer: The bear, the witch, and the giant behave in ways that seem familiar from fairy tales. The doctor’s character is though quite humourous. The doctor doesn’t behave the way we expect him to behave.

Question 9: What details from the poem show us that Isabel is self-reliant?

Answer: Isabel does not panic or ask for help; she deals with the situations herself.

Question 10: Find words in the poem, which have the same or nearly the same meaning as the following.

1. A type of bag – satchel
2. Reduce something to powder by crushing – grind
3. Extremely hungry – ravenous
4. Made better – cured
5. Covered in lines and folds – wrinkled
6. Kept going – continued
7. Stuffed full – bulged
8. Extreme anger – rage
9. A type of anger – zwieback
10. Cry out loudly in horror – scream

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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