Black Beauty Questions & Answers

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Black Beauty Questions & Answers

  • Furiously – angrily
  • Stern – serious
  • Slender – thin
  • Grieved – saddened
  • Brutal – cruel
  • Suddenness – quickness
  • Oppressed – treated cruelly
  • Plunge – a leap

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The master and mistress were respected and beloved to all living things.
(b) The house that the narrator lives in is called Birtwick Hall.
(c) The master tries to convince military man Langley that he doesn’t need check-reins on his horses.
(d) The master and Farmer Grey had worked more than twenty years to get rid of check-reins on horses.

Question 2: Why is the narrator proud and happy about living at Birtwick Hall?

Answer: The narrator is proud and happy about living at Birtwick Hall because his master and mistress are respected and beloved by all due to their kind behaviour.

Question 3: The master says to Mr. Sawyer, ‘by such anger you injure your own character more than you injure your horse’. What does this mean?

Answer: When the master sees Mr. Sawyer ill-treating the pony by pulling the check rein harshly. This type of treatment reflects the brutal and unruly character of Mr. Sawyer more than the injured pony. This means that he is damaging his own character not only in front of his horse by treating him brutally but also in front of other people too.

Black Beauty Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why and how did the master and mistress want to make the lives of animals better?

Answer: The master and mistress believed in treating animals well. According to them, animals are living creatures and must be treated equally as human beings. The master worked more than twenty years to remove check-reins on the cart horses. Also, the mistress always tried to help heavily laden horses by talking to the driver.

Question 5: Why do you think the writer chose to tell this story from the point of view of Beauty – the horse?

Answer: I think the writer wanted the reader to see the world from the horse’s point of view because at that time horses were considered as machines only. But according to the writer, the horses were more than a piece of machinery and this story would help people to see horses in a different light.

Question 6: What reasons do Mr. Sawyer and Captain Langley give for treating their horses badly? Are these good reasons or bad?

Answer: Mr. Sawyer didn’t like the free-will nature of a mere animal. Likewise, Captain Langley always used check-reins for keeping the horse’s head up. Both are bad reasons because an animal is also a living creature. It is really bad to treat them like a slave. Also, putting check-reins is very cruel and painful for them.

Question 7: What does the master try to convince Captain Langley to do? How does he try to convince him to do this?

Answer: The master tried to convince Captain Langley to stop using check-reins. He tried to convince him by saying that check-reins actually weakens a horse. It causes a temper to rise in the animal, making him much less useful and productive.

So, these were Black Beauty Questions & Answers.

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