The Story of Keesh Questions & Answers

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The Story of Keesh Questions & Answers

Question 1: How was the story of Keesh remembered from one generation to the next?

Answer: The story of Keesh is remembered from one generation to the next through storytelling.

Question 2: What does the author mean (paragraph 3) by ‘he had seen thirteen suns’? Why only thirteen?

Answer: The author means that the boy is thirteen years old. His people’s way of measuring years is in suns; because they are so far north it is dark for half the year and light for the other half so the sun rises and sets once a year.

Question 3: Who was Bok and how did he die?

Answer: Bok was Keesh’s father. He was killed by a polar bear while trying to kill it in order to feed his people during a time of famine.

Question 4: What complaint did Keesh make at the council?

Answer: Keesh’s complaint at the council was that he was not getting a fair share of the meat; the portion he and his mother received was often tough and old.

Question 5: How did the men react to Keesh’s statements in the council meeting?

Answer: The men reacted to Keesh’s statements in the council meeting by shouting at him to go to bed because he was only a child. They felt that he should not have been complaining.

Question 6: What did Keesh resolve to do? Why?

Answer: Keesh resolved to go out hunting by himself and to share his kill fairly. He wanted to ensure that all were provided for: ‘no widow nor weak one shall cry in the night’.

Question 7: What had Keesh been doing to make him sleep for twenty hours?

Answer: Keesh needed to sleep for twenty hours because he had been out hunting for the first time: he had travelled out along the shoreline and killed a she-bear and two half-grown cubs.

Question 8: Who was sent to follow Keesh and why?

Answer:  Bim and Bawn were sent to follow Keesh to find out if he was using witchcraft when hunting the bears because the council could not understand how he was so successful at it.

Question 9: In what way did Ugh-Gluk tax Keesh?

Answer: Ugh-Gluk taxed Keesh with the accusation to his face that he was using witchcraft.

Question 10: What was Keesh’s ‘headcraft’?

Answer: Keesh’s ‘headcraft’ was clever thinking, an inventive idea, that allowed him to hunt successfully.

Question 11: What impression do you get of the life of the people in this polar region? Is it hard life? In which ways is it hard?

Answer: We get the impression that life was hard because of the reference to a time of famine. It also seems hard because the people depend on hunting to get food; hunting is physically demanding and dangerous. Also, it would be dark for half the year and the lack of light, cold temperatures and bad weather would make life hard.

Question 12: Describe Keesh’s hunting method? What other methods of hunting are there and how are they different to Keesh’s method?

Answer: Keesh’s hunting method is described in detail towards the end of the story. Pupils can describe other methods of hunting (on horseback; with bow and arrows; hunting with dogs/guns; trapping…) – most involve striking the animal from afar or using another animal to attack and weaken it. Keesh’s method involves weakening the animal from the inside.

Question 13: Choose the best answer.

a. ‘ … and the air is filled with flying white … ’ This refers to

i. the clouds in the sky.
ii. snow in the wind.
iii. birds

b. Keesh decided to go hunting in order to

i. show his bravery
ii. prove the elders wrong.
iii. feed himself and his mother and ensure all got meat.

c. The means by which Keesh killed animals was by

i. witchcraft
ii. blubber
iii. headcraft.

d. Keesh sent a reply to the council to say his igloo was large and comfortable in order to

i. make them come to him (and thereby show his power).
ii. show them his igloo was well-built and spacious.
iii. let them he was too tired to attend the meeting elsewhere.

So, these were The Story of Keesh Questions & Answers.

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