Aamer’s Cafe Questions & Answers

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Aamer’s Cafe Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why had the site not been developed?

Answer: The site had not been developed because everyone had assumed it was part of the adjacent park. It belonged to an old lady who probably had no need for it.

Question 2: In what ways had the site been neglected?

Answer: The site had been badly neglected. Where the house once stood, there was only a heap of rubble. Three or four walls still remained; these too were in danger of crumbling. There were large heaps of debris on the ground. Bricks, stone slabs, rotten bits of wood with protruding nails, broken glass, and twisted, rusting metal, along with heaps of smashed tiles, were widely strewn around the area, covered by a thick undergrowth of thorn shrubs and grasses.

Question 3: How did Aamer earn his livelihood?

Answer: Aamer earned his livelihood by dealing in brass. His work involved hard bargaining and selling his wares which he carried on his bicycle.

Question 4: How did Maham react when Aamer first told her his plans? Why?

Answer: Maham’s reaction was to say ‘yes’ and offer no other comment. She had heard him voice his plans before, and these had usually come to nothing. She took what he said in good humour, and laughed it off, because she was resigned to this state of affairs.

Question 5: What were some of the things that Aamer had done to accomplish his dream?

Answer: Aamer had found a place (the vacant plot) to build his cafe and knew who the owner was; the money was in the bank; the deposit was secure; the owner had assured him that he could pay the rest in his own time.

Question 6: In what way did Aamer feel relieved and why?

Answer: Aamer felt relieved that he had told his wife about his plans for the café. He had kept this to himself for a long time, and had felt the strain, but he was now comfortable in himself because Maham could now help him achieve his goal.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

(a) The overripe mulberries, unpicked and untasted, save by birds, had fallen and rotten on the ground. This means:

i. that the birds did not eat the mulberries.
ii. that only the birds did not eat the mulberries.
iii. even the birds did not eat the mulberries.
iv. only the birds ate the mulberries.

(b) …she had always ridiculed them as being mere pipe dreams. This means:

i. she made fun of them because they were dreams about smoking a pipe.
ii. she made fun of them because they were lengthy dreams.
iii. she made fun of them because they were fanciful and unattainable dreams.
iv. she made fun of them because they were unrealized dreams.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Simply a quiet resignation.

i. About whom was this statement made?

Answer: The statement was made about Maham, Aamer’s wife.

ii. In what ways had the subject shown resignation?

Answer: Maham showed her resignation by not commenting or laughing at Aamer’s comments, because she had long given up hope of a change in their circumstances.

iii. Is the sentence a complete sentence? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: The sentence is not a complete sentence because it does not have a subject. We do not know what has this resignation from the sentence. We know it is Maham because of the sentence that follows it.

(b) All the final negotiations and visits to the bank could be undertaken with greater ease and peace of mind.

i. About whom was this statement made?

Answer: The statement was made about Aamer’s dealings to acquire the property.

ii. Why might all this now be possible?

Answer: All this might now be possible because all the groundwork (finding out about the property, dealing with the owner and the bank) had already been done, and finally Maham had been informed.

iii. What were the reasons for further negotiations and visits to the bank?

Answer: The reasons for further negotiations and visits to the bank were for Aamer to finalise the deal and realize his goal of building a cafe.

So, these were Aamer’s Cafe Questions & Answers.

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