Alexander The Great Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Alexander The Great Questions & Answers.

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Alexander The Great Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Alexander was the king of:

(a) America
(b) South Africa
(c) Yunan
(d) Australia

2. At that time India was called:

(a) a golden bird
(b) a golden peacock
(c) a silver bird
(d) an iron animal

3. Alexander defeated the king:

(a) Akbar
(b) Sher Shah Suri
(c) Mahmood
(d) Puru

4. Alexander went to give the blankets to:

(a) the farmers
(b) the saints
(c) the children
(d) the beggars

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. They crossed the mighty Himalayas.
2. King Puru was defeated and was made captive.
3. He noticed a bonfire at a distance.
4. Alexander patted his horse.
5. He saluted the saint.

Question 3: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Alexander was the King of Yunan – True
2. Alexander won the whole India – False
3. Alexander went to give blankets to the saints – True
4. The saints took the blankets happily and blessed him – False
5. Alexander stopped his forward march – True
6. Alexander took Puru along with him – False

Question 4: Match the sentences to their endings:

Column AColumn B
1. Alexander was verya. wailing
2. Alexander wonb. to his tent
3. India was known asc. King Puru
4. The women wered. brave and courageous
5. He went backe. many battles
6. Alexander releasedf. the Golden Bird

Answer: 1-d, 2-e, 3-f, 4-a, 5-b, 6-c

Question 5: What was the desire of ‘Alexander, the Great’?

Answer: The desire of ‘Alexander, the Great’ was to conquer the world.

Question 6: At the time who was the Indian King?

Answer: At the time Puru was the Indian King.

Question 7: What was Alexander’s thought about the saints?

Answer: Alexander thought that the saints were poor and they did not have anything to cover their bodies.

Question 8: What did the saint tell the Alexander?

Answer: The saint told the Alexander that a robber cannot be a conqueror and a giver and if he really wanted to conquer the world, first win the hearts of the countrymen with love. He also told Alexander that he had renounced the world and he did not need anything and whatever was left with him, he could give that too.

Question 9: What decision did Alexander take?

Answer: Hearing what the saint had told, Alexander had guilt which made him sad. He decided to stop his forward march and released King Puru. He also decided to put off his future plans to conquer other parts of India.

Question 10: What did Alexander say to the saints when he reached there?

Answer: Alexander said to the saints that he saw them nak*d in the cold weather so, he had brought woollen blankets and clothes for them.

So, these were Alexander The Great Questions & Answers.

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