Greed Finally Harm Us Questions & Answers

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Greed Finally Harm Us Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. King Midas was ________

(a) greedy
(b) modest
(c) loving

2. King Midas wanted everything he touched should turn into _____

(a) silver
(b) gold
(c) coins

3. The king began to __________.

(a) laugh
(b) weep bitterly
(c) shout

4. King Midas prayed to God Dionysus to take back his ________.

(a) boon
(b) blessings
(c) gold

Question 2: Why was the old man shivering?

Answer: The old man was poor and hungry that is why he was shivering.

Question 3: What did the king ask from the old man?

Answer: The King asked the old man to grant his wish that everything he would touch should turn into gold.

Question 4: What happened as the king touched his daughter?

Answer: When the king touched his daughter his daughter, she turned into a gold statue.

Question 5: What did the king pray to God Dionysus?

Answer: The King prayed to God Dionysus to take back his boon.

Question 6: Why did King Midas’ joy know no bounds?

Answer: When God Dionysus gave him a boon that whatever he would touch would turn into gold, the king was very happy. He touched a flower to test and to his surprise, it turned into gold. The king’s joy knew no bounds to see that.

Question 7: Why did the King begin to cry bitterly?

Answer: When the king felt hungry, he ordered the servants for food. But as soon as the king touched the food to eat, it turned into gold and he couldn’t eat the food and remained hungry.  Thus, the king began to weep bitterly.

Question 8: Why did the King pray to God Dionysus to take back his boon?

Answer: Without thinking, the king took his daughter in his arms. At once, she turned into gold. She couldn’t move and became a statue. Seeing this, the King realized that this all had happened because of his foolishness and greed for gold. So, he prayed to God Dionysus to take back his boon.

Question 9: What did king Midas do to bring all the things to their old form?

Answer: King Midas went to the Pactolus River, bathed in it and filled a bottle with water. He then came to the palace hurriedly and threw some water on the things to bring them back to their old form.

Question 10: What lesson did King Midas learn in the end?

Answer: In the end, King Midas learnt that gold or money is not of utmost importance in the life.

So, these were Greed Finally Harm Us Questions & Answers.

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