Alice in Goa Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Alice in Goa Questions & Answers.

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Alice in Goa Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the things that the children did in Goa.

1. Cycling
2. Reading
3. Singing
4. Swimming
5. Walking
6. Building sandcastles

Answer: Cycling, swimming, building sandcastles.

Question 2: How many people are there in Alice’s family?

Answer: Four people are there in Alice’s family.

Question 3: Where were they planning to go during the summer vacation?

Answer: They were planning to go to Goa during the summer vacation.

Question 4: Why did Alice wake up early on 18 May?

Answer: Alice woke up early on 18th May as they were going to Goa on that day.

Question 5: What did Mum do before leaving for Goa?

Answer: Mum checked the garage door and locked it. Then, she packed the sandwiches and juices in a carry bag.

Question 6: How long did it take them to reach Goa?

Answer: It took them seven hours to reach Goa.

Question 7: Who spoke these sentences? Write the names.

1. ‘Happy holidays, Ma’am’ – Students
2. ‘Henry, wake up.’ – Alice
3. ‘Have you locked the door properly?’ – Dad
4. ‘I am going to swim in the morning!’ – Henry
5. ‘You must also swim, Alice. It is a good exercise.’ – Mum

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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