The Rainbow Sweater Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Rainbow Sweater Questions & Answers.

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The Rainbow Sweater Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Granny was going to buy Bunty a present – False
2. Bunty, at first, wanted a brown sweater – False
3. The wool rolled up to the bedroom – False
4. Bunty first met the foxes – True
5. The foxes were fishing – True
6. The chicks had yellow feathers – True
7. The frogs’ favourite colour was green – True

Question 2: Who spoke these sentences? Write the names.

1. ‘Have a little rest now, Bunty.’ – Granny
2. ‘But I like blue and yellow, too.’ – Bunty
3. ‘Brown is the best colour like our coats.’ – Foxes
4. ‘What is your favourite colour, frogs?’ – Bunty
5. ‘Choose all rainbow’s colours, not one or two.’ – Cockerel

Question 3: What was Granny going to knit?

Answer: Granny was going to knit a sweater for Bunty.

Question 4: Which animals did Bunty meet?

Answer: Bunty first met foxes, then chicks, frogs, a big blue fish and a cockerel.

Question 5: What was the colour of the foxes’ coat?

Answer: The colour of the fox’s coat was brown.

Question 6: What colour did the fish choose for Bunty?

Answer: The fish suggested blue colour to Bunty.

Question 7: What did the cockerel suggest?

Answer: The cockerel suggested that Bunty should choose all the colours of the rainbow.

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