Amin And The Eggs Questions & Answers

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Amin And The Eggs Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Debt – money taken as loan
  • Refused – said no
  • Hatched – eggs became chicks
  • Drought – time when there is no rain
  • Merchant – trader

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Amin lost his crops because

i. somebody stole them
ii. there was too much rain
iii. there was too little rain

(b) Amin left the village because

i. he did not like his work
ii. he wanted to look for a job
iii. he did not like the place any more

Question 2: Why did Amin lose his crops?

Answer: Amin lost his crops because there was too little rain.

Question 3: Why did Amin leave the village?

Answer: Amin left the village to look for a job as he had lost his crops in drought.

Question 4: Why did he buy hard boiled eggs?

Answer: He bought hard boiled eggs to eat on his way to another village.

Question 5: 500 silver coins for 12 eggs is a lot of money. Why did the merchant ask for so much money?

Answer: The merchant asked for 500 silver coins because he calculated the huge profit, he could have produced with the twelve eggs in seven years.

Question 6: Did Amin plant boiled beans in his garden?

Answer: No, Amin did not plant the boiled beans in his garden.

Question 7: How did Amin win the case?

Answer: Amin won the case by his cleverness by proving that the boiled eggs cannot produce chickens.

So, these were Amin And The Eggs Questions & Answers.

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