Asking Permission Questions & Answers

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Asking Permission Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The brinjal field belonged to________

i. Boota
ii. Bala

(b) Bala stole brinjals from the field

i. once
ii. twice
iii. many times

Question 2: Why did Bala’s wife ask him to get a brinjal?

Answer: Bala’s wife asked him to get a brinjal because she wanted to make brinjal bhujia.

Question 3: Who was the owner of the brinjal field? How did he look?

Answer: Boota was the owner of the brinjal field. He was very big and strong.

Question 4: How many times did Bala steal the brinjals from the field?

Answer: He stole the brinjals many times from the field.

Question 5: Did Bala take permission from Boota?

Answer: No, he did not take permission from Boota and pretended like the field permitted him.

Question 6: How did Boota punish Bala?

Answer: Boota threw Bala on the ground and dipped him into the water.

Question 7: Did Boota carried Bala to the pond and threw him into it?

Answer: Yes, Boota carried Bala to the pond and threw him into it.

Question 8: Why did Bala get home late that night?

Answer: Bala got home late that night because Boota dipped him in the water many times.

Question 9: Why did Bala stop stealing things?

Answer: Bala stopped stealing things because he got a strict punishment for stealing brinjals from Boota’s field.

Question 10: What lesson Bala learnt from the punishment?

Answer: Bala learnt a lesson that – one should not take or use anyone’s thing without their permission.

So, these were Asking Permission Questions & Answers.

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