Frogs In The Fountain Questions & Answers

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Frogs In The Fountain Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The writer says he has a double chin because

i. a bee had stung him under the chin.
ii. his grandmother had one.

(b) Granny surrounded her house with marigolds because

i. she thought the smell would keep the snakes away.
ii. she could use them at festivals, marriages, and religious ceremonies.

(c) Who advised author to cut down his food intake?

i. Aunt Mabel
ii. Dr Baig

Question 2: Was the writer fond of food? How can you tell?

Answer: Yes, the writer was fond of food. We can tell this because he said that he was fond of mutton koftas but was only allowed to have two of them as a child. As a child, he wasn’t allowed second helping. So now, as an adult, he always has them. Dr. Baig has remarked that he is overweight and should cut down on his intake.

Question 3: What was the nature of author’s grandmother?

Answer: The author’s grandmother was a stern, reserved woman who believed that little boys should speak only when spoken too.

Question 4: Describe:

(a) How the frogs entered the fountain and the house?

Answer: One day the writer brought some small fish in a bucket and introduced them to the lily pond. He didn’t notice that there were tadpoles in the bucket. They grew into frogs, multiplied quickly and began to enter the house.

(b) Where the frogs were finally sent and why?

Answer: The frogs were finally sent to the Lucknow zoo as the station superintendent believed that it was the best place for all small and great creatures.

Question 5: When Aunt Mabel saw the frog in the pot, how did she react? Do you think she was just being silly?

Answer: When Aunt Mabel saw the frog in the pot she screamed loudly and created a lot of commotion at home. I don’t think she was being silly as she hated frogs.

Question 6: Pick out three sentences from the story that you think are funny.

Answer: The three funny sentences from the story are:

  • The bee incident. ‘It made for a very short speech.’
  • Reference to Alzheimer’s
  • The frog jumped out the flush and into Aunt Mabel’s arms.

So, these were Frogs In The Fountain Questions & Answers.

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