Birdwatcher Questions & Answers

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Birdwatcher Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Cyril? What was his interests?

Answer: Cyril was a wilful, eleven-year-old who disliked being in a classroom. He was interested in climbing trees and peeping into birds’ nests.

Question 2: Why did Mr and Mrs Fischer feel quite embarrassed?

Answer: Mr and Mrs Fischer felt quite embarrassed at Cyril’s behaviour as he had created a scene in front of Dr Reese, who was staying with them.

Question 3: What common interest did Cyril and Dr. Reese share?

Answer: Cyril and Dr. Reese shared a common interest of bird watching. They both loved to know more about birds.

Question 4: When Cyril said: ‘I have seen them’, Why did Dr. Reese not believe him?

Answer: Dr. Reese didn’t believe him because he was talking about a rare species of bird, The Black Robin which was on the brink of extinction and found only on Chatham Islands.

Question 5: Why was Dr. Reese anxious to save the robins? How did he plan to double the number of eggs?

Answer: Dr. Reese was anxious to save the robins because they were rare birds which were going to become extinct. He planned to transfer the eggs to some other nests so that the robins would lay fresh new eggs and this way their number would increase.

Question 6: Where were the eggs transferred? Why were the two trees marked?

Answer: The eggs were transferred to two warbler’s nest. The trees were marked so that Cyril and Dr. Reese could easily identify the nests and the eggs.

Question 7: Why did Dr Reese instruct Cyril not to use his bare hands to transfer the eggs?

Answer: Dr Reese instructed Cyril not to use his bare hands to transfer the eggs because the eggs were tiny and delicate. Moreover, damp and dirty hands may transfer bacteria right into the eggs through their porous shells.

Question 8: What souvenir did Cyril want to keep? What do you think he was going to do with it?

Answer: Cyril wanted to keep the cup shaped nest of the robins as a remembrance of the great job he had done to save them.

Question 9: Why did Cyril’s photograph appear in the newspaper?

Answer: Cyril’s photograph appeared in the newspaper because he had done a good job of saving the black robins.

So, these were Birdwatcher Questions & Answers.

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